Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pete's Car

 Pete has been dying to play with his cozy coupe for awhile now, but it has been either a) too cold or b)someone too sick; to play with it in the garage.  Wednesday I decided to bring it inside to the basement.  All fun and games right? No!  He wanted it upstairs on the main level, um no there are a flight of stairs just asking to be ridden down, plus there isn't much room for it to get around.  First freak out, saved by gravity and the fact he isn't big enough to bring it up the stairs on his own so it just tumbles back down the two steps he can get it up.  Next problem, parking.  Pete wants his car parked and not just pushed in the corner and get out, now he wants it lined up with the table and backed in.  How do you teach a toddler how to back up a push car without a flood of tears?  Still not sure on that one, I'm still dealing with it!

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