Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Splash Pad Fun

We've been using our Virginia Zoo a bunch lately hitting up the splash pad they have there.  They aren't too full and we can check out the animals too, so a one stop shop for fun. Mostly we have been using the water just because it has been so stinking hot, I am so tired of 90 degree weather and completely ready for fall. Nora also wakes up every morning asking for a swimsuit, today I surprised the kids with a quick trip to cool off and take a break for work at the house.  So here enjoy some pictures of the kids playing in the water at the Virginia Zoo.

These ones are a bit much for Nora, Pete loves them as you can tell.  The Asia section has fun little water area that Nora enjoys much more and can handle. We normally hit both so everyone gets to have fun.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Saturday Morning Beach Bums!

Nora has been begging to wear her swimsuit everyday for the last week.  I've been super busy trying to coordinate times to meet with contractors and set up house stuff, oh and the DMV.  Heather and Robert asked if we wanted to join them in a beach trip so we did.  Thankfully it was a whole 10 minutes from our house, we live less than 2 miles from the bay-it has its perks ;) but it gets me back with homeowners insurance prices.  We started out at Captain's Quarters Beach-would not recommend it unless you like dead crabs, trash, and a great view of the interstate going to the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, or are going out on a kayak and want the calm water, but not for swimming personally.

The whole group via selfie stick

Next we tried the Sara Constant beach and loved it!  Super clear water, a bit of waves though Nora and Quinn were not fans of them, It stayed pretty shallow for quite a ways out.  Pete had a blast and was his normal fishy self in the water.  We found a huge hermit crab, some snails and fish (live) too while we were playing.  The kids thought the crab was really cool.

pete showing off his muscles at the beach, he did it all on his own

Nora and daddy at the beach.

Enjoying some water after playing for so long

Nora during her nap

Pete was super tired and ended up taking a snooze in the car while picking up pizza for dinner.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mount Trashmore Morning

Mt. Trashmore-fun name isn't it?  It is an old landfill that they turned into a recreation area.  The playground is great! Pete and Nora had a blast playing there, she had to take a 3 hour nap to recuperate.  It was about a 15-20 minute drive from out place to get there but I needed to go that way anyway to run errands so it wasn't horrible, really considering that is how long it used to take us to get anywhere in Warsaw it doesn't bother me too much.  Nora lost her hat while we were playing so we had to look all over for it, but with some help from another mom it was located!
view from on top of mt trashmore

selfie from the top!

Nora just loves running the ramps!

because why not?

Nora finally learning to love the swings

Both kids enjoy this style of swings