Friday, November 11, 2016

SkyPopo and Grandma Visit!

Phil's parents came out for a visit over the weekend.  We had them surprise Pete at school pick up on Thursday.  He had a blast spending time with them as did the rest of the family, but Pete especially loves his SkyPopo.  I somehow managed not to get a single picture of Ray though, so I'll have to wait until Joann posts some on facebook.  Friday we went to a local model train store and then headed to the zoo with Heather and Quinn while the boys were at school. 

Saturday we went to Fort Monroe to the Casemate Museum which is free and really cool.  Pete got to get his feet wet which still blows my mind that we aren't freezing to death in November near the water. We walked around and saw the sights.  Pete really enjoyed checking out the big guns that are there and open for people to see.  

he managed not to get soaked which was quite the accomplishment

Nora and Quinn playing in the sand

Have to take a selfie

family picture

My loves

Nora kept trying to sit underneath it.

Nora and Grandma got a little nap in the car after getting worn out that the fort.

Pete helped Aunt Heather make a cake.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pete's School Pictures: Kindergarten Edition

That's the school picture I paid $15 for the disk for, yep.  I don't even know what that face is really.  I do like the fact I didn't have to waste my money on a bunch of prints of it though and they finally have the option to order the disk without prints.  I tried to ask him about why he didn't smile and he about broke into tears and said his teacher told him he looked handsome.  Yes you are dear, but smile next year for me, or you'll be regretting it come your senior year!

Halloween 2016: Princess and Pirate edition

Halloween was as always a blast.  It was the first time we have handed out candy and went trick or treating from our own house.  Normally we went to my parents for both activities.  Pete decided awhile ago that he wanted to be a pirate, Nora had no intentions of being anything other than a Frozen princess so we just said the pirates stole the princess because Pete wasn't happy about not having a full family theme.

the teal pumpkin and our jack o lantern carved by dad

I ended up with a halloween pair of lularoe leggings.  I love them.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

I'm not going to get political, honestly I hate politics.  But go vote, we all headed into the polls this morning at 6 right when they opened, hoping to beat the crowd, only to discover a long line and waited for an hour to do our civic duty.  I know we could have voted early, but it just isn't the same and compared to one of our last elections for voting it was much easier since in Muncie we waited 2+ hours to vote.  Phil and I both went in together so we could both wrangle a kiddo and he didn't have to be into work until 8 since the kids in town have the day off of school.
How I feel about this election

ok a good selfie too

pete was really excited about his sticker today, mostly because I told him we could get a free donut if he behaved afterwards

Nora was not happy about this at all.  You and the rest of the country sweetheart.
when we told her we had to go vote

voting selfie, but not with my ballot since it was personal and not allowed in Virginia.  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bathroom Remodel: Before and After

So we bought this particular house because it has a great neighborhood and it didn't need any work.  Well after living here for 3 days we discovered they had painted the tub and surround with normal paint, want to know what happens when you do that? It peels off!  It wasn't even the special enamel paint, just normal latex paint.  So please if you are trying to sell a house just do it right, I'd still have bought the house, but it would have been an expected repair, not a surprise one.  Or here's a novel idea do it right the first time and be done with it!  Ok I'll get off my soapbox now.  

Anyway we looked into getting it fixed and decided the best bet was to go with bathfitter, done in a day and a permanent fix that I wouldn't have to revisit in a few years. Now just a heads up they have the longest sales pitch ever, okay not as bad as Hoosier Windows but just about as bad, especially since I knew we already wanted it and just wanted the freaking price.  The lead time is pretty long, we got the ball rolling in August for this project and we actually had it installed early because of a cancellation, it was supposed to be installed in November.  The installers were magnificent, super polite and did an even better job than I had anticipated speaking to the salesman, he truly went above and beyond what was originally planned but it turned out so much better and we love it! They didn't finish up until 10pm after starting at 9ish.  

Nasty peeled tub

yes they had blinds in the shower window

Beautiful tub and new fixutres

There is the whole finished product.  I love that they cut off the window ledge and wrapped the whole window area in the same material and took it up to the ceiling arc in the back.
 I wanted to actually have some color in my house, we've been living in 50 shades of beige for too long and I need color in my life!  So here we go, I'm loving the orange and blue combo.  Now to paint some other rooms and get rid of the yellow beige.  Though I am thankful for the beige because it is easy to paint over and is doable but I do like some color in life.

Oh if you ever get Bathfitter to redo your bathroom, let them know we sent you so I can get some kickback. ;)

A Day on the Beach in October

Yes you read that right we went to the beach in October. It has been really warm here lately about the mid 80s all week.  We were going to head to the zoo but Phil said he'd rather go to the beach.  I wasn't the biggest fan of the idea, we had recently cleaned out the van from the sand, and I'd mopped the floor that day so everything is covered in sand and filthy again.  Story of a housewife.  The water was chilly, but it didn't stop Phil and the kids from getting in for a bit, no thanks personally.   
Phil got Nora ready...

Nora's mad because the boys went in without her, but she cried about touching the water

after playing in the water

a Sandy footprint

Here's noras..