Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekly Nora Pictures.

I was really bad about taking weekly belly picture (okay any pictures of me) while pregnant, but I have no issues snapping lots of pictures of this little beauty! I can't believe she is already five weeks old!
Brand New

One Week

Two Weeks

Three Weeks

Not so happy...Four Weeks

Five Weeks!

Pete Swims.

Today was pretty hot compared to what we have been having lately.  (I am definitely not complaining about the cooler weather!) Mom filled up the little swimming pool and Pete went for a dip this afternoon.  He was quite irritated about the fact that after too many jumps most of the water is no longer in the pool! Poor boy!

Jumping again!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pete's Dino Dig

Pete had a program at one of the parks in town the other day about dinosaurs.  Phil took him and they had a blast!  Pete got to make some dinosaur themed crafts, and play some dinogames, he even dug for dinosaurs in the sand!
Pete painting his fossil

digging for dinosaurs

playing tag

pin the tail on the dinosaur

Little girl

I've been posting pictures on facebook but I know lots of people don't use it so have missed out on Nora's pictures lately.  It is easier to post them to facebook than here so that is why it happens, but here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Nora in her first gdiaper
Nora 2 weeks old

Nora worn out from partying on the 4th of July

Ready to party!
Nora at 3 weeks!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Pete's Artwork

Pete did a couple cool artsy things at the Lakes and Streams Festival here in town. 
Fish Print (no worries no real fish was used)

Bubble painting

Father's Day Paper

Pete filled this out at church on Father's day for Phil. We all got quite the hoot out of it.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Rose Bush

We planted a couple rose bushes this year in front of our house since we already had one and it was actually one of the few things that was able to survive up there.  We were thrilled to have it bloom and look amazing.
Pete modeling with the rose bush

oh so pretty!