Friday, January 4, 2013

Phil and Pete's Dance Party: Part 2 Couples

Pete and Phil had another dance party last night.  This time he surprised us with it.  If you notice the music isn't your normal dance party tunes, it's the soundtrack to Chitty-chitty Bang Bang specifically Truly Scrumptious.  Well check out Pete's amazing partner that he picked up. A semi!  He then wanted Phil to join in on the action and he chose the trailer end of the semi.  I also had to join in some and picked another one.  What a crazy musically inclined boy we have on our hands, but he had to find someway of tying in his vehicles! 

In other news Pete is sick again and I've got it too.  Apparently he didn't fully get over it last time and has it even worse so he is on an antibiotic now, along with the allergy medicine and tylenol for his fever.  Poor kid.  It really has been the worst Christmas Break though since we have all been sick now within the two weeks that Phil had off of work.  It down right stinks.  I want a refund!

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