Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A 5k and a Party!

Saturday was a busy and exciting day.  We started out the day early with a 5k at 8 in the morning at the YMCA for the corporate challenge to support the school system against Zimmer and the other big contenders.  We didn't do too bad considering we haven't trained at all for it we finished in 53 minutes while pushing Pete in the stroller and chatting the whole time with friends.  Afterwards we headed over to my parents' house to start the birthday festivities for Phil and my mom.  We had the whole clan there to celebrate with a cookout, homemade ice cream, banana cream cake and a bonfire.  The weather was just perfect for it!  The kids all loved playing together, Pete got along really well with everyone. Dex wasn't a huge fan of that many kids in one location but quickly got used to it and even seemed to have a fun time with Josey.  Phil got some nice presents, including an expansion for the game Seven Wonders.  It was a really fun time with everyone!
Dex hiding out in the basement in his hoodie

The boys taking in some Mighty Machines on the Roku

Mom and Grandma Lich

Phil showing off his birthday present!

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Friend Reads

The boys reading The Little Red Caboose
Our friend John comes over and plays board games with us frequently though lately this horrible four letter word keeps getting in the way (work).  Well the other night when he was over Pete had to go to bed.  Pete was totally freaking out because he wanted John to read him a book so John did and read The Little Red Caboose for him before it was bedtime for Pete.  It is so nice to have great friends that don't mind Pete!

Is this not the most crazy picture ever?!  I randomly took it the same night.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cleaning Day

Our house has been screaming to be deep cleaned for the last week.  No worries it has been sanitary, just not the greatest.  Part of it would get cleaned while another got skipped a week. Today though the whole kit and caboodle was cleaned up!  We had a contractor coming to give us an estimate on the roof this morning so before he came I accomplished the following:
Woke up.
Got Pete breakfast.
Swept the kitchen/dining room/entrance/hallway/bathroom
Moved the furniture the kitchen.
Mopped the kitchen/dining room/entrance/hallway/bathroom
Scrubbed the toilet and tub
Washed the mirror
Wiped down counter and toilet tank
Got around myself
Got Pete dressed

All that before 10 in the morning!  I think it deserves a prize or something! At least a pat on the back for it!

Before Pete's naptime I added in:
Vaccuming the bedrooms (2) and front room
3 loads of laundry
eating lunch with Pete
Finishing the blocks for a baby quilt
Meal planning for the week
Gluing Pete's toys back together

I've been busy today.  The only part that didn't get cleaned up was the basement, but there is no point in vacuuming when I am sewing too many bits and pieces! Really though it hasn't been too bad the weather has been so nice that I didn't mind.  I'm loving the cool weather we have had lately, so glad summer is over.  I really hate the heat, so nice to pull out my blue jeans and sweatshirts again!
The quilt I've been working on, alas I ran out of the border material so I have to go back and buy more.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pete Works in the Yard

Pete helping Grandma Lich out in the yard.  I love how he figures out how to work the rain barrel!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dex Rolls!

...And Pete flies!

My dad decided that it was time for Dex to learn a new trick so he pulled out some treats and started working on it last night.  He did it a couple times for him at their house.  I came home and thought we should try it out again for Phil and the camera and he did it! 

We have such a great dog!

Pete had also been playing with Phil by getting tossed on the bed so now enjoy some of that action too.  Can you tell these boys keep me busy?!

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Pete Day

Last week I took Great Grandma Horn to the zoo with us, this week it was Grandma Lich's turn.  I forgot my camera last week and barely grabbed my video camera this time.  Today was the perfect day at the zoo.  Cool weather that needed a sweatshirt the whole time, especially considering the 90s earlier in the week. Also no school groups were there!  A miracle!  We spent a couple hours walking the zoo and then went to eat lunch at McDonalds, poor Pete was asleep before we hit the highway home!  Grandma Lich just wore him out!
Tonight was the father-son campout.  Pete was still sleeping when Phil had to leave so I got to hang out with him.  I'd promised him a movie and popcorn for dinner and I delivered!  We watched the Curious George movie and made Jiffy-Pop popcorn. We have all been so busy the last couple of weeks, Pete was kind of getting the short end of the stick with the playing and fun.  So today was a wonderful remedy for this.  It was a generally great day for Pete and not too bad for me either!


I went to a garage sale last week and found a small exercise trampoline for cheap.  Pete thought it was really cool and had a blast trying it out.  I went ahead and bought the thing, thinking it would be a great way for him to burn of some energy this winter when we are stuck inside without much to do.  Today I had him test it out.  He loved it!  He jumped and jumped and jumped some more! He had quite a bit of fun with it. I keep it put away so he can't get it out and play on his own.  I have to be the one to pull it out and set it up for him.  I think it will be a lifesaver this winter!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Phil's dad, SkyPopo as Pete has dubbed him came up to visit for the long weekend.  Sarah came up too, but really didn't stick around too much and went to play with friends most of the weekend.  Saturday we stuck around the house and played here.  We cooked up some dinner on the grill and then went to Zoyo's for frozen yogurt.  Pete fell asleep right as we pulled in so he missed out, but we ate some in his honor.  Once we got home we watch Stranger than Fiction, for the evening entertainment. 

Sunday we had church in the morning and naps in the afternoon followed by a big dinner by me, homemade bread (using this recipe), pasta, and a watermelon from our garden! I think I know what we are going to be growing next year! We had a big bonfire with my parents and Ray and ate smore's and roasted marshmallows.  Monday we spent the morning with the family, had lunch and said farewell  to the Call's.

We spent the afternoon at my parents.  Phil took Pete to the pool, I did some grocery shopping for the cookout that evening, while mom painted her bedroom.  We had some yummy hamburgers, veggies, chips, watermelon; followed by homemade ice cream and peach cobbler from the fire.  We ate really well this weekend! 

Dex had a friend stay over for the weekend too.  Penny the Pug! Her owners went out of town for the weekend so Penny came to hangout with us for the weekend.  Dex wasn't so sure about having another dog around and Penny wasn't so thrilled with the 3 year old and other dog that kept her awake and moving most of the day!  I think she is used to napping more often!  I ended up taking her home on Monday afternoon because I thought she needed a break.  I came back twice to check on her that evening and found that she hadn't moved an inch since I'd left her!  Poor tired girl!

We had some exciting car problems too  over the weekend. My car's brakes decided to stop working and had to hobble to my parents house, since we were stranded in their neighborhood.  No one was open on the holiday so it sat over night and we had it towed to  the shop today. The whole thing ended up being totally free!  AAA towed it, and the shop didn't charge us since they had just replaced the brake 2 months ago.  So really that turned out relatively well considering.  The two truck driver even let Pete help out with the levers to get the car up on the flat bed.  He thought it was amazing! Plus it might explain his lack of a nap that day...