Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Mom and The Pete

I've read a couple of different "big" blogs-professionals and keeping mom in pictures so the kids actually get to have some with mom instead of mom is always taking the pictures.  Growing up mom did have the camera all the time, until digital came around and then it became Dad's area.  With us it is mostly me, no offense Phil.  I'm also really picky about my picture and I take lots more than those of you in "bloggerland" get to see because normally it is me in pjs, with bad hair and makeup.  Sorry I want the world to think I wake up like Barbie though I don't look like her.  I could pull out a tripod and set the timer but it takes time and is fake.  Yup picky I know.  But I do get some occassionally.  My friend, Jami, from Ball State does a weekly post with pictures of her and her son together, to take on the challenge of getting more pictures of them together. Her is my pathetic attempt at it while getting Pete ready for bed, not great but not to bad for some quick snapshots before bed.

I absolutely love this picture!

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Jami said...

Yey! I feel the exact same way... If it's every going to count I try to look nice, haha but mostly I'm in yoga pants and old t-shirts and baseball socks! haha I usually avoid people when I go to the store if I haven't don't something with myself lol... Those are pretty great pictures! He'll love them for sure!