Friday, July 25, 2008

Warsaw Work

So this week Phil was supposed to be at Scout Camp for the ward, but all of the kids except the scoutmasters dropped out at the last minute, so they didn't need him to go. So instead we went to Warsaw to tackle the front flowerbed next to the road. We only planned on doing a third of it this weekend but plans change and we (okay I should say Phil) finished the whole thing! I didn't do much to help the first day I washed the car (to get the stuff off from the Batesville reception) then I went grocery shopping with Mom. The second day I shredded Zuchinni from the garden and baked some wonderful cookies. Oh and I also played with the cat that decided to come and "help" Phil with the yard work, but I did some work. It was a fun break from the normal week. So I just realized that it is only one month until school starts and everyone will be back for the year! I also just found a few of the pictures from the honeymoon so I will put those up too, oh and we don't have an after picture because it was dark when we finished and we left early in the morning so yet again it was dark!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Duck Pond Day

So I decided that we needed to put some post wedding pictures up so here are a few from the various activities in the past month.  The bulk of them are from Saturday when we went to the duck pond on campus to feed them leftover popcorn from our month anniversary celebration.  So the first picture of me feeding the ducks on the North Side of Campus.  The next is of us at the duck pond while feeding the ducks and the random bird and turtle that came along for the free food food as well.  The next picture on this tour is of Phil in his work uniform, a McDonalds Man, but now he has a new hat, not the pretty purple one.  Ahhh...This one is for the Call family, especially Phil's Mom, we wore our matching Batesville shirts to Indiana Beach when we went with my family for the Zimmer Company Picnic!  The final picture is Phil squinting at me while having a goofy smile.  Isn't he cute, I thought it was a funny picture so I thought I would share it all with you too!  So this is a little bit of the stuff we have been up to lately tomorrow we are going up to Warsaw to do some landscaping for Mom and Dad.  Then it is back to the daily grind again...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1 .Attending Lincoln Elementary School
2 .Playing with dolls
3 .Riding a bike, instead of driving a car
4 .Annoying Matt about girls
5 .Wishing I was in Young Womens

5 things on my to do list
1. Wash the car to get off the wedding decorations
2. Buy milk
3. Call my Visiting Teaching Companion
4. Make our bread so we can eat lunch tomorrow
5. Sign up for an English Class for the summer

5 favorite snacks/food
1. Peanut Butter
2. Milkshakes
3. Cheese
4. Popcorn
5. Marshmallows

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire
1. Finish School
2. Retire
3. Buy a house
4. Hire someone to clean for me
5. Go shopping and maybe buy something not on clearance

5 bad habits
1. Putting my clothes on the floor
2.Not wanting to go to work
3. Procrastination
4. Constant snacking
5.Sleeping while Phil is at work at Marsh

5 places I've lived
1. Warsaw, Indiana-Market Street
2. Warsaw, Indiana-Sunset Circle
3. Muncie, Indiana-Studebaker East
4. Warsaw, Indiana-Sunset Circle
5. Munice, Indiana-Rex Street

Enchanted Evening

Things have been busy lately but not too bad they could always be worse, like the week Phil worked 40 hours at McDonald's and 12 at Marsh Grocery Store! We normally have a few days together during the week where we run to the store and do the small things together that most people would call boring. I think it is important to get joy out of the little ordinary things so the few times something extraordinary comes around it is even better! For example... Today we both got off of work at 6pm and Phil rented Enchanted from Redbox for free. I wanted to watch it for our one month anniversary but Phil didn't want to see it really, but he said I could watch it tonight while he worked on Thank You cards, well we both ended up watching the movie! Oh some exciting news for next week. Phil is going to Scout Camp with some of the Young Men because the scout leaders couldn't go so he is spending Tuesday night at the camp which is just north of Fort Wayne, which means I am going to spend Tuesday and part of Wednesday in Warsaw with Mom and such! It will be a fun time to see everyone again during the week with no big event taking place! Well see everyone up in Warsaw next week (if the schedule at work turns out right)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

End of weekend vacations...

So things have been busy down here with work and what not. We have been traveling an awful lot lately on the weekends, but that should be over this weekend after Indiana Beach! I am so excited to go this year for a break from everything! Work is really fun I don't mind it too much I just need to get more hours so I can actually make some money to survive hopefully hours will pickup once I am home on the weekends and they aren't punishing me for having a life outside of Marsh Supermarket. We went on a bike ride after work yesterday because I was off at 7.30 and Phil was off at 6.00. We rode on the Cardinal Greenway for a nice bit, when we turned around to come home Phil stopped to fill up his tires because they we low. Well the pump decided that it didn't want to put air in and instead let it all out. So we had to carry the bike home the entire way back. We were probably quite a strange sight one person pushing a bike and one person with a bike on their shoulder! But there was a blessing to be had in all of this, the rain held off until we were home, and then it poured! Today Phil went to work at 7.00am and gets off at 1.30 so we are hoping to have a fun-filled afternoon and evening! Oh and I am off today too. So I have decided that married life is absolutely wonderful!