Monday, January 14, 2013

Headboard DIY

Finished project
I've been noticing a growing dark spot on the wall where our bed meets the wall and our pillows meet.  Grease spots or black dye from our pillowcases!  Either way I didn't want to think about painting over a nasty spot in 5 years when it just keeps getting worse.  Phil went out to Utah to go to his Grandfather's funeral this past week. It wasn't too unexpected and he is with his beloved wife, but as always so left here are sad.  I stayed home with Pete and held down the fort while he was away and spending some time with family out in Utah over the weekend after the funeral.  I decided I would do something about the gross spot before it got too much more disgusting.  I'd seen the tutorials for cheap and easy upholstered headboards a billion times and thought I could whip one out while Phil was gone and surprise him with a changed bedroom.  I searched through pinterest while on prep when I was working some sub jobs and had bought my fabric and supplies secertly before Phil had even left.  Most of the tutorials were from 50-200 bucks for a new upholstered headboard.  I was shooting for the lower range since it was a surprise and not a budgeted planned project.  Well I ended up cutting the cost in half even for the cheapest tutorial I had found.  Mine ended up being $25!  I also already had access to a stapler and staples so that saved me some money.  Want to know how I did it and see the end result?!

Upholstered Headboard DIY

2 inch polystyrene board 4x8 then cut down to 4x5 (Yes it is styrofoam, just like the packing stuff)
2 yards bonded polyster batting ( I bought it by the yard at Joann's because it was on sale)
2 yards your choice material washed and ironed

Full sized stryofoam sheet 8x4
Homemade electric/hot knife
Clean cut line on polystyrene
First I cut down the polystyrene board, my dad made me a hot knife to do the deed but a saw or knife would also work.  I did the cutting outside so I wouldn't have the white bally/flaky stuff everywhere and then carried it inside to work in the cleaner environment so I wouldn't get my fabric dirty.  I had the air tank and staple gun and used it inside.  Though a hand stapler would also work and would be more portable.

Stapling job
Backside of headboard
Front bottom of head board
Next I laid out my batting and tacked it down with the back of the board up and the batting wrapped up around the sides and onto the back.  Pull it tight to get rid of wrinkles and bunches also make sure the table is under it or the pressure from the air will blast through the Styrofoam and mess up the headboard. The next part is super important because it is what makes it look nice.  Lay the fabric on the board and line up any pattern. Since the bottom of the board will be on the floor the fact that the fabric doesn't reach around the board and onto the back doesn't matter so tack across the bottom edge of the fabric.  Next wrap the fabric around pull tight and staple, remembering to keep it on the table to keep from blasting through.  I made a hem by folding under the unfinished edge while tacking it down to keep it from unraveling in the future.  Miter the corners however they look best to you.  I did it a couple different ways just because one side is facing another wall and won't be seen and the other is closer to the door and wandering eyes.  Once finished drop it into place between the wall and the bed and enjoy!

Finished project in place.

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