Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apartment and Vacation

We are finally getting the apartment unpacked and organized and it looks like Peter might be able to have a room and not have to live in a box in our bedroom. We only have a few more boxes to go through and organize in his room and then we will be finished. The sad part now is that the people who were taking our boxes already moved so now the remaining ones and destined to go to the recycling center. Though it is tempting to build a fort out of them... We also made our own clock for the living room out of an old record, and hung up a giant picture (poster) of Einstein. This is the part of moving that I like, the crafty, decorating part.
We also took off over the weekend and went up to Warsaw for the weekend. I went garage selling with mom and Phil did yard work and read a few books on Friday. On Saturday one of the additions had a garage sell and we were able to find a few things we wanted and needed. We bought a total of 17 books, a bumper, bibs and hats and a Pack n' Play for Peter, a casserole dish. I love garage sells.
After torturing the menfolk with garage sells we traveled up to Angola to Pokagon State Park. We hiked, ate amazing food, and stayed at the lodge/hotel at the park. It was a very nice vacation, I even took my camera with me, then forgot it in the car the entire time...
We had to hurry home on Monday to make it to a doctor's appointment Peter is doing well (as is my blood pressure!). He is measuring at 30 weeks, though we are at 29 weeks. My doctor got a good laugh at him while she was listen to his heartbeat, because of his hiccups and constant moving of my stomach.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

blood pressure check

Went wonderful! It was lower than it at the pharmacy yesterday. Still not my norm but not to bad for being pregnant and considering what it had been. It was a great 116/68, Phil suggested celebrating with potato chips, but then I reminded him I have another normal appointment coming up, so I have to keep being good. I guess I can't be the stereotypical pregnant lady and eat pickles, I will only be able to eat them un-pickled.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So far this summer break this has been my schedule:

6 am-wake up with Phil's alarm when he wakes up to get James and Sarah out the door to school
6.05 am-fall back asleep after Phil is out of bed
6.45 am-Phil wakes up Kim for breakfast (#1) and morning family prayers
7.10 am- Phil and Kim back to bed
8.15 am-Phil wakes up and showers
8.45/9.00 am-Phil wakes up Kim and makes her shower
9.15ish am-Kim comes down and eats breakfast (#2) (more than a single bowl of cereal from earlier) who decides though serving sizes anyway, who only eats 1 cup of cheerios?
10.00 am-Phil and Kim head off to the library to use the internet
2.00 pm-Phil and Kim arrive at home and eat lunch
2.30 pm-Kim takes nap
4.30 pm-Kim wakes up (thanks to Phil) to greet James and Sarah home from school
6 ish-Dinner
9.00pm-evening scriptures and family prayers
10.00 pm- Bed time...

Disgusting isn't it? I think my body is making up for lost sleep from the last two weeks of school and knows that I don't have any deadlines for sometime. Oh and also I haven't gone in for my blood pressure check yet, but I did go to Walgreens today and used their machine. Just when I walked in it was the same as last time (very sad moment) then I decided to wait just one minute and try again this time 10 points lower! If only one minute did that how about a total wait of three minutes a total of 23 points lower than the initial check at the pharmacy and doctor's office! I was pretty stoked, now the tricky part of keeping my arm away from them for at least three minutes while sitting in the chair...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pete and the Doctor

Well today I had a doctor's appointment. It was the wonderful one where I drink some nasty kool-aid and get a blood draw to check for diabetes. It was pretty nasty stuff personally, like drinking a can of juice concentrate, without anything to wash it down. Also at the appointment we listened to his heart. He apparently didn't enjoy this too much because he kept try to escape from the poor girl practicing (not the normal doctor, a student), he would squirm and kick like crazy to the point where the doctor commented on it. When they finally did pin him down and get it for a second, it was too close to one of my veins (I beat quite a bit slower than his normal 150 beats a minute) and made it show up slower than normal, but still in the acceptable range. Also at the appointment my blood pressure was a bit higher than normal so I get to go back in for another check on that sometime next week. Personally I think I am going to rack this one up to stress, (I mean I have only been moving, unpacking, working, and doing finals) this past week and we went out to eat last night and ate some stuff that probably didn't help this out too much. We will find out sometime next week if it something to worry about, but it won't help to worry about it for now (literally).