Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ball State...The last college to cancel

Well we have the day off of school!  Classes were canceled as of 9.00 this morning, now you may be asking yourself lazy bums at that school classes don't start 'til after 9? No, 8.00 am classes had them this morning and then everything was called off.  Phil was at school for a meeting by the time it was canceled so he stayed in for a bit to get some work done since we don't actually have internet at our house.  Well we played video games this morning, ate some yummy Basmati Rice (more on this tasty tidbit later) and now for some homework.  Yuck!  But luckily the only homework that I have is to do research for my ethnography, which is about bloggers!  So this is sorta like doing research.  So I better get back to business and start reading some more blogs.  I will write more about our day and maybe get some pictures up here too.

So we didn't do much at all today.  Phil is working on memorizing his speech and I have been doing some more research.  So that yummy rice we had for lunch took awhile to make but it tasted better than the normal white rice that we get.  While it was cooking on the stove I kept smelling something (good that is) and then I realized what it was! Well after lunch we went outside and took some pictures and shoveled the side walk out to the van.  I just saw on the news that we got 12.8 inches of snow!  Global Warming?  Once we came inside we played some more video games since we get about 4 tv channels and the internet isn't working
 very well.  I think that we are going to get around and have some dinner soon but I will post some pictures first.  Hope that you like them, maybe we will get even more snow tonight and be able to do this again tomorrow!  I wish!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Clarence the Car and the Honeybees

So this past week has been a bit crazy.  Our beautiful Ford Taurus (Clarence) decided that he didn't want to start anymore!  It actually started acting up once the weather got a little warmer instead of the -11 degrees the day before.  But to make a long story short the car sat at the Virginia Ball Center parking lot for most of the week where I am working on an exhibit about Honeybees, and we had to walk to campus from our house.  It was kind of a long walk but only when we got stuck waiting for the train to pass.  At least it was a bit warmer than it was though the few days before so it could've been worse.  Well on Friday I drove up in a tow truck the 96 miles to Warsaw.  We have 100 miles of free towing with AAA and as you can tell we cut it super close.  But the car had to get a new fuel pump so for the week I am driving Mom and Dad's big bad blue minivan!  It actually is nice that I have it though because for the project we have to take a bunch of 3d models into Burris School for our focus group of 3rd graders.  Well that is life for us right now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

There and Back Again: A Vacation Tale

Christmas Break was great we spent some time in Batesville with everyone down there.  Then drove up to Warsaw for Christmas Eve and Day with my family up there via Indy to see Aunt Kate.  Then we drove down to Batesville for Christmas with all of the Calls and Jensens on the 26th.  On the 27th we began the trek to Florida with Mom and Dad.  On the trip our first stop was Sarasota (very nice white sand beach), then Myakka State Park then Disney World!  Well it was a fun trip and I wish I could tell you all the fun stories but I have to head off to class since today is the first day of the semester!  But good news I have next Monday off!
Hope you like the pictures.