Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas with Grandma Lich

The final Christmas of the year, though technically it happened in 2013.  We always have Christmas with my mom's family on New Year's Day.  Everyone gets together, now at my mom's house since we all have kids and no longer fit in grandma's house.  We always have pork and sauerkraut; you have to eat the sauerkraut because eating the cabbage will bring money in the new year.  Personally I love the stuff, Phil despises it and Pete looks at me like I'm crazy while getting him to eat a bite!  Really you can eat coleslaw too, but where is the tradition in that and the flavor?!  It was super fun to hang out with my cousins all day and their kids.  There were 4 two year olds there so Pete was having a ball with how many kids were around.  He could even say most of their names by the end.  Aee, Beep, Cici, Jo, Lilliah, Ack, Llen.  In case you were wondering that would be Ally, Ben, Lucy, Jo, Delilah, Jack and Kellen.  He didn't play with Holden so he didn't learn his name.  Pete got some awesome semi-trucks, a tractor apron and sippy cup, plus some pajamas.  I got some new pjs too and Phil got a new sweater!  Plus a ton of tasty food.  So much fun to see everyone and carry on the traditions from when we were kids.

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