Monday, November 29, 2010


Not your typical turkey, but a knit one, on the cutest boy around. I must say it is the tastiest turkey I've ever had, especially those ears! I could nibble on them all day long! I made this just the other day. I found the pattern and decided that I had to have it. I'm thinking that I might have to make one for next year too, heck maybe a whole flock for the family. Now I have to start working on his winter hat for the year. It is pretty amazing as well. I don't have a picture up right now because Pete decided to snooze instead of model his hat for me. So they'll have to wait 'til nap time is over. Also if anyone is interested in purchasing any of my hats let me know and we can arrange something, if you have something I haven't made but want let me know as well and I can see what I can do and give you a price.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Playing on the Bed

I had my hair cut on Wednesday, 8 inches came off right at the beginning. They are actually still in my purse in the ziploc baggy (before you freak out the last time I used a purse was the day Pete was born and that Wednesday night) It is pretty much the same hair cut as before just a heck of a lot shorter! I love it though. It is crazy how much lighter it is without that hair there. Okay so if you are curious about the title that is what Pete does while I do my hair now (that I actually have to do something with it). Pete really enjoys sitting up and looking around and it lets me blow dry my hair without having to listen to that noise and a screaming baby. The other day we were doing our routine and I pulled out the camera a snapped a few pictures (50...don't you love digital?!) I thought they turned out adorable. Also in case anyone was worried I didn't forget that Pete turned 3 months old yesterday! Where has the time gone, how the heck is it November, wasn't it just August? Phil has been super busy this week with school, church callings, and work. We were talking about next semester this morning and realized that he will be home more while student teaching. sick.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Boy in the Bear Suit

It snowed last night, and not just a little. It was giant fluffy flakes even.We expected it to be melted pretty quick, but it is still here at 9am! So we took Pete out to "enjoy" his first snow...

Sleepy Skeleton

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pete's Penguin Friend

Pete has a new friend. Personally I don't like him that much. He got his new friend after he had a cough for about a week and was starting to sound and feel rattly. He went to go see his doctor and got to come home with this little fellow. He doesn't have to use it all the time just when he starts sounding bad, but it is working he was waking up 3 times a night, last night only once. Now if we can get him back down for 10 hours without waking up, like normal that would be great! This is the second machine Pete has had the first was "Snuffy" his billiblanket that came home with us from the hospital for about a week. The doctor told us this is only a limited time thing that happened in his little lungs and not a long term thing like asthma. Hopefully after next week this little bird will take flight...