Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MLK Day in Fort Wayne

Phil had the day off of work this year.  I had acquired a few Target giftcards and thought I'd use them up.  That was our first stop and we wandered around for awhile and checked out the clearance racks which were very plentiful.  I found a new shirt and Pete made a out like a bandit (and on my giftcards mind you) he got two sweaters, two pairs of pants, a hoodie all for next year and a grocery shopping cart for Valentine's day.  We only spent $24 on the whole thing and twenty of that ended up getting paid for with the giftcards.  We had a snack of popcorn and pop before heading off to Glenbrook Mall.  Pete got to take his first ride on a carousel.  I got to ride with him for free as well.  He wouldn't choose so I finally just put him on one so we could get started.  He freaked out at first but once we started going had a blast.  Phil had his ipod so he took a video for us.  Phil and Pete played at the playset inside the mall and I wandered around and went to some stores.  I found a great deal on Pete's hat for next year at Children's Place.  They had all of their winter hats for $1.99 when they are normally $10.  We played with the train set at Barnes and Nobles for awhile and ended up at Sam's Club to pick up some supplies and get a couple snacks.  Pete fell asleep on the way home and was not happy about waking up for dinner!  He did sleep well last night though, he had too much fun playing and shopping!

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