Saturday, February 23, 2013

In Daddy's Boots

Phil had a campout with the Boy Scouts on Friday night and until Saturday afternoon.  It was a pretty cold one so he had worn his snow boots for the occasion.  When Phil went to go get cleaned up afterwards Pete found the boots and decided they would be useful to him.  So on they went!
Trying to get them on

I love that he has one boot backwards!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cooking up a Storm

   This morning he was playing with his kitchen down in the basement and was cooking up a yummy "sn-ack"to enjoy.  He'd stolen my hat and apparently decided it was his chef hat.  I love his little kitchen it was a great garage sale find last year, I especially love the sampler hanging on the wall next to it. Originally it had been in our kitchen but when we moved it didn't really work in the new house. I made the fruit and veggies for his kitchen though he could use some other food sometime. Right now he doesn't realize what he is missing out on so it works out well for us.
    I've been trying to not let him watch as much tv.  Which is such a hard battle to fight I won't lie.  Between my laziness and his persistence at wanting to watch it, it can be dang hard. It is so easy to just flip it on and let it run.  Lately the only reason he gets to watch a show is because of potty training.  It works really well to motivate him to go.  Some people use sticker charts, we use the tv and bath tub for motivation.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So far we have been pretty dang successful with this potty training thing!  Pete is doing so well with it, he is blowing my mind.  He has been really freaky about underwear, don't know why but he was.  I had all plans and intentions to make him some boxers (it hasn't happened) but I keep asking him if he wants to wear big boy undies, so I've gotten no's until today.  I just asked him expecting a no and he said please!  I'll take that, any day, even if he doesn't actually pee in the diaper it is still annoying to take off when he needs to go and I'm too cheap to buy training pants.  Today he has been in them all day and hasn't had any accidents!  We even went to Lunch Bunch and the car wash today without any problems and I trusted him to ride on my shoulders for a bit!  I did put him in a diaper for his nap and probably will tonight too, but not to shabby for not planning on this or really working on it.  I also decided to make him some easy up and down pants.   I found a crazy good pattern on pinterest and made him so sweet tractor pants (though they really look like old man plaid pants that green tractors barfed on) but I do think I will make him some more in better fabric.  We definitely aren't finished with it yet, but Pete is well on his way for sure!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nap Time

Pete is being such a goofball today.  He freaked out today at the store with a crazy banshee scream.  I mean really it was ear splitting and annoying.  We ended up waiting in the car until Grandma finished up her shopping.  We stopped by McDonald's so Pete could eat a snack with Popo.  Really for him a happy meal would be perfect if it just didn't have the main food to it.  His favorite parts are the apples, fries, drink and the toy at the end.  I normally eat the main food, though today he ate one nugget.  The apples and milk are really the best parts of the thing for him.  Well we came home and he wanted to play in the "pool" (take a bath) so I said he had to pee in the toilet first, he did so he got some tub time.  I got him in his new dumptruck jammies, gave him a pacifier and sang him a song and laid him down.  A bit later I hear him giggling.  I check on him and he is giggling until he has the hiccups horribly!  I don't really know what was so funny but whatever it was had him rolling with laughter.  He kept trying to tell me, "woof blowing noise" giggle giggle, "woof house blowing noise" giggle giggle hiccups.  I don't know if Grandma's dog did something funny or what but it took me another 1/2 hour to get him down for his nap!  Crazy kid. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mommy Monster

Pete has a big thing with Arrrrrs (monsters).  It is a love hate relationship really.  One minute they are super funny and he either likes to be one and chase us or one of us is and we chase him.  Then he'll freak out and scream at the thought of a monster.  It is really hard to tell what is going to happen sometimes.  This is yesterday's monster session and this is the background story to the video.  Pete woke up from his nap with a dry diaper so I had him playing without pants or a diaper on so he would notice when he had to go.  This was one of the attempts. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pool Time!

It is a bit out of season, but not for Pete.  Luckily we have convinced Pete that the bathtub is really a bathtub just his size!  He sure does treat it like a pool he stands up and falls in and makes huge slashes that overwhelm our little bathroom.  He thinks it is a big treat to get to take a bath, and I use that to my advantage and use it to bribe him.  He doesn't realize yet that really he'd be in the tub anyway every other day because he needs one!  Tonight I decided to pull out the camera and snap some pictures since it has been awhile since some tub time photos.
I love how the water looks in these pictures

This is one of Pete's favorite things to do in the tub

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Unexpected Batesville Trip

We knew that we were going to be heading down to Batesville but we didn't inform Sarah or Joann about it.  Ray knew and kept it a secret so we could surprise them at the Spaghetti Supper.  The jazz band and steel drum group both play for the band fundraiser.  Sarah is using Phil's bass so we thought we'd go and see her performance on Friday night.  We also got to go to Solo and Ensemble with her as well, she did a group 1 solo so she is heading onto state!  Pete had a great time spending time with Popo and Grandma, Aunt Sarah was busy so he didn't get too much of an opportunity to play with her, but he did enjoy sitting alone with her in the pew on Sunday away from Mom and Dad.  It was quite a fun little trip to break up the winter.
Sarah playing the bass with the band

Phil and Pete dancing the night away

I just like Pete's eyes in this one

My amazing men