Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Whine Flu

Today when we woke up I told Phil I was sick and needed to stay in bed and skip class. (Don't worry I'm not really I just wanted to stay home from school) He responded with, "Oh no, it must be a case of the Whine Flu!" Grumble Grumble... Well then I informed him that he must have caught it from me and have it too and he seemed to be having more of the symptoms of it than me. So we laid in bed and whined for about 5 more minutes before getting ready for the day. So be warned we both have cases of the Whine Flu and might be contagious!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Starting to Feel like Schultz...

At work lately something has been going on, I really know nothing. It started a few weeks ago with me suddenly covering the front office because one secretary was having a meeting with the head of the department and the other decided not to come in. Once she got back from lunch after the meeting and I went back to my office across the building I talked to my boss, she doesn't even know anything about what is going on but knows that whatever it is, isn't pretty.

Yesterday the same thing happened and the other two secretaries in the department skipped out of the office for a few hours while she went into a meeting with the department head and had me cover the office again. They have a few reasons to like me:
1. I play dumb very well.
2. I don't care what is going on.
3. Even if I knew what was going on, who am I going to tell? I'm just a student.
4. All of the secretaries like me.

It has been interesting covering the main office. Normally I just clean stuff that even the janitors won't do, copy tests and quizzes, feed fish, and listen to a smaller office phone to ring (which never does). The main office though is the one for the whole department! Their phone rings and has to transfer calls (I found the manual online and downloaded it for reference), students come in to take tests, mail is delivered, visitors come in with questions. I feel bad for anyone doing anything with the department while I am working there-they normally get the response of "they'll be back in an hour" or "truthfully I don't know how to transfer calls, here is his direct number" (hence the manual on the computer now) or "I'm just a student worker, I don't have access to that", or "its somewhere in the supply closet".

Hopefully everyone will be getting along better now. Though it is nice to get paid to just sit there when no one is in the office, nothing like blogging and getting paid for it!

Oh. Just in case you were wondering where I came up the quote from Hogan's Heros. This is one of my favorite tv shows of all-time. I watched it all the time growing up on TV Land and some other network during the day, even in high school I watched it (does that say something about my social life as a kid, if I watched shows that started out in black and white?)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Case of the Blue Toothbrush

Last Night at Bedtime:

I walk into bathroom while Phil is brushing his teeth.

"What color is that toothbrush?"
Phil, "...Blue..."(said with a mouthful of toothpaste bubbles)
Me, "What color of blue though, (knowing her toothbrush is light blue and his is dark blue)?
Phil, "Light blue, Why?" (while he is rinsing off the tooth brush)
Me, "My toothbrush is light blue your is the dark blue one! Nasty..."
Phil, "Oh I'll wash it off for you, I guess I didn't think about it."
Me, "Um...wash it off?...Do you think I am going to use it now that you have used it?"
Phil, "Yeah, Why not? We kiss, what's different about me using your toothbrush?"
Me, "It's Gross, I'll just get a new one out, we have a ton of them... Now mine is PINK, and yours is BLUE either of the BLUE ones you can use."
Phil, "nice now I have two toothbrushes..."

Uggh. So gross. I couldn't believe it we have had these toothbrushes for 2 months now and he just now realized that the light one was mine! Yuck! How many times has he used my toothbrush?

I have a big thing about teeth if my teeth aren't perfectly clean I will freak out and if they aren't white there is a major problem that once I realize will be corrected once I get back up to Warsaw and my Crest Whitening Strips. I was never really that bad about it until after I got my braces off, that is when I became obsessed with my teeth.

Maybe the toothbrush thing runs in the family? My mom has nightmares about green toothbrushes, literally, so no one ever get green toothbrushes, especially her. When we were in the old house with one bathroom we would brush our teeth (with our toothbrush), dry ours off all the way until you couldn't tell and then get hers wet. She would get so freaked out. Always a good time...I love you Mommy...

I do have a new toothbrush, so I'm happy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall with the Calls

Today in our free time we went on a walk on the Cardinal Greenway (yes be jealous) and Minnetrista to take some pictures for family, so be prepared you grandparents who actually check my blog you will be getting one of these in the mail within the next few weeks with a happy fall card. We really like taking pictures in the fall because that is when we started dating and for all of our early dates we walked around Muncie and looked at leaves and trees. I also like taking pictures in the fall because everything looks pretty, and colorful and I can start wearing sweaters! Here are the ones that we took this afternoon. I would also like to point out that these aren't just the few good ones out of hundreds but the majority of the ones we took.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Gag Me with a Nobel Peace Prize

I wonder if I can get the Nobel Peace Prize, I mean really I donated $5 at a bake sale yesterday, doesn't that count now that they are just giving it away to anybody...Oh wait... I need to make a movie with bad science (Al Gore 2007) or give some fancy speeches filled with political promises (Obama 2009). Personally I think that the bake sale money will go to promote more world peace (see here) than either of those two things will.

I have a slight feeling Mr. Nobel is rolling over in his grave...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Douglas and Kitty

Wondering who these fine two people are? Well their not people at all! We just got some pets, don't worry nothing furry and four legged, but fish! Every time we go to Meijer I always have to look at the fish (which are conviently located right next to the dairy aisle) and after having a really cruddy week of school I talked Phil into letting us invest in our first pets. A whole 4 dollars later, 36 cents for the fish, 3 dollars for the bowl (actually we got a glass canister with lid from the home/kitchen aisle for cheaper than a fish bowl, about 1/2 price) , and goldfish food for 1 dollar. I am super excited about them. My fish is Kitty, she is orange and white; Douglas (Not Doug, or Dougie Boy) is Phil's fish and he is orange with a black stripe on his back. They are really cute and live on our kitchen counter next to the sink, not where food is kept. I don't think they would make a good fillet anyway...

***edit note***
Man, these pictures stink, I guess that is what you get for taking pictures at 7am, I wouldn't look good if someone took my picture then either.

Furniture Revisited...

I realized the other day that I didn't post any pictures of the completed furniture, or our couch! Silly me...