Monday, February 23, 2009

Phil and English Papers

So this weekend was quite busy, but really when aren't our weekend not busy? Phil did really well at the State Speech Competition.  He competed in four events and brought home four medals! He got third in impromptu, persuasive, extemporaneous.  He also got fifth in editorial impromptu which was a new event for the state competition.  While he was doing that I was hanging around at my parents house in a sarong and sandals for a bridal shower for my cousin.  It was a great time with everyone and I got to wear my pink sarong, what could be better, really!  (um if it weren't snowing outside...)  So in case anyone was wondering I am writing a paper for English 104 my topic for the ethnography is stay-at-home mom bloggers.  So be warned I have been reading blogs and writing about them for a class, don't worry though I am only writing good things since I follow your blogs and will someday join the club.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Do you just ever feel tired of absolutely everything?  Well that is where I am at at this point in time with the week.  I am super ready for the weekend to come.  School is okay, I am really getting tired of some of the scheduling things right now.  I feel that I am not much help lately since I don't draw, not as far in the education program, or much else.  I kind of feel like a 17th? wheel.  We have been super busy with school, church stuff, Free the Slaves, work and everything else.  Oh good news!  I now have another job!  I work at the Compass tutoring a second grader with reading comprehension. Don't ask what I am going to do since I don't really know what the heck I am doing.  But we will find out soon enough.  Oh and here are some pictures from a recent visitor to the Virginia Ball Center.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well we aren't recovering from anything bad just a busy crazy weekend.  It all started when we went to a movie night at the Whites' house, I baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies to take over and we had some great popcorn and pop while we watched Nights in Rodanthe.  It was a good movie, a bit sad but really good. Then we woke up really early on Saturday morning to drive with Ryan and Betty Jo Shrack to the Columbus Ohio Temple.  It was a great trip to the Temple but when wouldn't it be?  Once we got home from the Temple and eating lunch at Ponderosa we took a really quick nap and then went to a stake dance for Phil's calling.  The dance was really fun and Phil looked like he had a good time dancing like crazy.  He danced enough to have to come home and have to take a shower before going to Late Nite on campus!  The scary part is this is only Saturday we still have Sunday.  Sunday Phil had to go to New Castle, but he got a ride with someone else from the ward so I actually had the car.  I taught the lesson for Nursery about how Jesus wants us to love others.  The kids seemed to like it.  After church the missionaries came over for homemade pizza for lunch/dinner.  We had about an hour before the other young married couples came over for a game night.  After everyone left we cleaned up the house and went to bed after a crazy weekend.  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Warning: Ranting Ahead Proceed with Caution

Okay I know that universities have to require english classes because if they didn't no one would ever take them.  Well Ball State decided that the only part of english that I need to learn about to become a well rounded person (though chocolate does a good job of it) is writing.  Tell me why do I have to take TWO writing classes and not a single literature class?  All of the other schools in the state have one writing and one literature class that is required, but oh no Not Ball State.  So if you were wondering I am taking the 2nd part of the Freshman english classes, I am 1 credit away from being a junior.  They decided that the class that I took in high school that was basically the same thing, just not quite as boring or useless wasn't enough to qualify so they gave me some random credit in english instead of the Eng 104.  I am just really mad because the professor isn't the best I have ever had and didn't show us any samples of what she really wanted us to do for the last assignment and as a result the whole class didn't do well (the highest grade I heard from anyone was a B-) Doesn't that mean something is wrong and you might want to address it before moving on?  Maybe it is just me and my stupidness as a pre-service teacher.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Just to let you in on a little secret, I have just started another blog about my adventures in the realm of cooking. Don't worry this will still by my main blog for everything though.  I hope to (at some point) put all of my favorite recipes up here so that I can cook them where ever I want since I tend to cook while I am in other places not just at home.  You can also check it out at:

Well hope that you enjoy seeing what I find online and in really old cookbooks and then alter to make it suitable for the two of us.  Also it can be used as proof that I actually feed Phil and it's not my fault that he is so skinny!

Weekend Wonders

So life here is pretty good for the most part busy and a bit stressful.  We are both super busy with the immersive learning projects, work and other random things.  It is nice to have our car back and not drive the minivan that feels like I am driving a bus. Over the weekend Phil had his speech tournament in Ohio and he took 5th place in persuasion and 1st place in impromptu!  Meanwhile I went to switch cars with Mom and Dad and we drove up to Michigan and looked at the partially frozen Lake Michigan.  We walked out on the pier some, so if the Calls remember what it looked like this summer, this is what it looks like in the winter.  It doesn't look quite as cool as it has in past years, but we aren't sure when in the winter we went, so that might affect it some.  And while in town we ate some yummy chocolate cake from the South Bend Chocolate Company's store!  On Sunday we had a couple from YSA over for dinner.  The guys talked while Rachael and I made dinner.  After we ate I started making the rice pudding for dessert using the Basmati rice and then the can of sweetened condensed milk for dessert while we played a game of Encore.  Yesterday my classes were super stressful because we are deciding what we are going to have in the exhibit for sure and start on it.  It is quite a hectic thing to do because people have really claimed ownership of ideas and don't want to see them get booted out of the exhibit. I think that at least a few of the people are a little angry at me because I pointed out that they didn't know what a "natural" beehive looked like.  Sorry to inform everyone but it isn't the one from Winnie the Pooh.  It is just a bunch of comb stuck inside a hole not the little strawish structure that most people think of.  But enough of me, Phil had an exciting day yesterday with his immersive learning project because the coach of the speech team asked him to go with them to State!