Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cookin' wit Mommy

Pete has been begging for me to make donuts...again... Grandma Horn got me a donut maker awhile ago and Pete has been in love with it the last two weeks!  Every morning he wakes up and asks to cook with me.  Whenever I need to cook something he has to be right there, "helpin' Mommy" and "my turn!" every other second.  It gets really hard for him to decide when Phil offers to go play Mariokart with him down on the wii.


Cooking with mom or video games with daddy?!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What do you do in the Summer Time...

...When daddy is away?

Do you go to the zoo?

Pete driving the zoo's jeep

or stage a coup to help the time fly by?

( I was going to take a picture of my fresh off the line clothes Pete decided to drag all over my kitchen, but couldn't bring myself to do it)

Is that what you do?...So do I!

Do you dress up in capes?
One evening's fun

Or watch shows about apes...before bed?

snuggled up watching Curious George before bed. 
Is that what you do?...So do I!

Phil has been super busy already this summer. Sadly enough it doesn't really get much better either but we knew that was how it was going to be so I can't complain to much. It would be much better if he were home instead of trainings and scout camp, but oh well.  I'll just make up silly songs and blog in the meantime...that's what I do in the summer time. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anniversary Celebration

It seems like every year there is something going on the day of our anniversary.  The first year it was Phil's first day on at a new job and took up the whole day with training and what not. It just seems to be a very overscheduled day for us. Luck I guess.  This year Phil was in Muncie for an AP training for school, it actually took up the whole week and then he stayed an extra day for a reading conference.
Pete and Phil with a kangaroo sitting behind them
Pete and Kim having a fun ride

 We went ahead and celebrated early with a trip to the zoo on the 8th.  Pete came along too since my parents weren't available to watch him.  It was fun.  I'd gone the day before with Pete but we had a great time the second time around too.  It was Phil's second time to the Fort Wayne zoo and he had a fun time too. We were even there to see the birds being fed in Australia, which was fun because they were so stinking close to us!  I rode the carousel with Pete, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Pete brushing the goats
We also celebrated again later on when a friend gave us VIP tickets to the Spin Doctors.  Every year the city hosts a free rock concert (they have others too but this is the biggest)  We ended up with front row center seats.  It was great!  Phil wasn't sure about going up but I talked him into it, since I listened to the band from growing up.  He ended up loving it to and wanting to their newest album. 

All in all it was a great anniversary and I look forward to countless more!

Friday, June 21, 2013

To the Rescue!

The last few days Pete has been asking for "ssoup" I kept asking if he wanted to eat and he just got mad.  Then I realized he wanted to be a super hero!  It made a lot more sense with the settings in hindsight.  I went and grabbed us both towels, though Pete just got a hand towel so he wouldn't trip and fall.  Supers getting kisses from mommy to make owies better might make the bad guys laugh. It was super fun and I think it is time to go ahead and make him a real super hero cape now. 
Super Pete-always on the lookout!

Getting tired after a hard days work of being Super Pete

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fast Forward Five Years...

Five years ago today we were married in the Logan Utah temple at 10am.  Boy how things have changed in those short five years. We've had a wonderful son, graduated from college (without debt, yeah I'm still bragging about that one), moved out of our beloved Muncie where we fell in love, got a REAL job, and own a house!  

Newborn Pete

Ball State Graduation
 Time sure does fly!  You know what else has changed?! Our looks, I sure do not look much like that June Bride five years later.  I've given up on the long hair and went with a pixie, ditched the contacts for glasses and well lots not talk about being able to fit in that dress...Phil has changed as well, but not quite as obvious as my changes, he now has the thick glasses a bit bigger widow's peak.  Maybe I've changed more since I was a decent bit younger, but I guess that will happen when you get married at 19.  Most people think/thought I was crazy for getting married that young.  Best decision ever! 
Current Couple Picture.

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's All Happening at the Zoo...

I do believe it.  I do believe it's true...

Okay enough with quoting songs now.  We headed to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with my parents, Ally and Ben.  They are up visiting Grandpa and Grandma for a couple of days to celebrate summer break.  Phil wasn't able to come with because he had student council duties for graduation to take care of at the high school.  We had a great time started out with the African Journey section then rode the train, checked out the Australian Adventure along with a boat ride and finished up with the Indiana Farm.  Pete loved it!  He has only been to the zoo once and that was the Indianapolis Zoo last summer.  Personally nothing around here beats the Fort Wayne Zoo, sorry Indy.  Pete was Ally's little shadow for most of the trip.  Especially when we got to the farm and they got to brush the goats he followed that poor girl around that whole area!

hiding out in an ostrich egg

Pete and Mommy on the Caboose!

Pete being a joey-I'll have to find some old ones of me in this kangaroo!

The view from the boat ride in Australia
Pete grooming the goat