Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wild Child Shorts

Pete has been working on potty training for awhile now.  First we had to get over his freak out sessions about the toilet.  We did that one, so check number one done.  Now though I'm try to get him to try out underwear and he freaks out!  I mean screaming and tears people! A toilet is one thing to be intimadated by but Thomas the Train underwear, that he picked out?!  Well I was thinking of some other options and what to do about this and ran across toddler boxers in the store and some info about using them for potty training instead of tighty-whities. I couldn't see paying 6+ dollars a pair when it was an experiment.  So I went out and bought some material for him at Joann's to make my own.  They aren't much just a glorified pair of shorts for him that he wears under his jeans.  I just used a pair of his pants for a pattern and hemmed them.  I wanted to practice first to make sure the size was right and what I needed to alter before breaking out the real material I had bought for it.  I picked him out some cow fabric and some tractor fabric. That way too if we don't use them for boxers that will be good for some shorts in the summer!  Mom had some leftover tiger stripe material from a tie she made for Phil for basketball season at the high school.   I couldn't find my elastic tonight for the practice pair so I made a drawstring for now until I decide to dig through boxes looking for it.

First I thought they looked huge and there was no way they would fit Pete...well...
They are the same size as his pants from today, when did he get so big?!
I think they turned out pretty awesome for something quick and easy.  I looked up on Prudent Baby how to sew them just to double check because I always end up putting the two methods of pant sewing together and ripping out the seam a couple times until I do it right.  I still had to rip out two seams because I decided to try doing it a different way but that backfired on me.  Now hopefully I remember how to do it until I'm done with his others as well.

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