Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pete and the Greek

Last week I printed a coupon for free Greek Yogurt. Well I really liked it (truthfully it was mostly the honey that made it tasty, but the texture was good too), but normally the stuff is way too expensive to eat on a regular basis.  I got a wonderful yogurt maker from Grandma Horn for Christmas last year and decided to try my hand at making Greek style yogurt.  Last night I set it up and let it go and this morning it finished up and was ready to go into the fridge.  I was checking the texture to see how thick it got right out of the machine and Pete was going crazy wanting it.  I went ahead and gave him some, but mind you this was plain yogurt, no sugar and not even cold! Heck it was still warm.  Yuck! Well apparently he really like it because he ate about half of the container before he thought it would be even better if he ate it with his hands and wiped it all over his face and head. I haven't had any yet but I will here in a little bit, I just prefer mine with honey and cold...

...But the story of Pete and the Greek continues because then he got really angry about something...


About 5 minutes later and now the reason for the sudden anger...

He was just too tired to finish his yogurt!


I took a bunch of random pictures from our day last week.  It wasn't anything special just a "let's pull out the camera day"
I thought this picture was so funny, he'd just gotten done sneezing when it finally took!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Stinky Pete

Pete is being such a stinker lately! Today he was anti-nap all day long I finally got him down for his morning nap at 11am and his afternoon nap didn't come at all today, though he did play in his crib for 30-40 minutes while I decided to take a break. Today he also decided that he didn't like his lunch, so he barfed it back at me (and over his tray and clothes and the floor). He ate the same thing for dinner last night, but didn't want anything to do with it today at lunch time! He has been super fussy lately too. I think he is teething which is probably the culprit on most of this but it is insane all the same. Pete is off bottles now and using sippy cups for during the day full time his early morning milk is in a bottle because truthfully I'm not with it enough to handle Pete with a sippy cup at 5 am! Before he was happy with the flip straw ones then one day he wouldn't have anything to do with them, we tried all the ones we owned and he wouldn't use any of them. Finally as a last resort I tried some Aunt Kate gave me that she didn't like that were the super cheap take and toss ones and he loved them! But the down side is that he is already breaking through them because of teething on them while he drinks. I did research (okay way too much research) into which ones were good and that he might actually like, he didn't care with the bottles as long as there was milk he was happy so I wasn't use to this type of behavior. Finally I decided on an Avent insulated one (with elephants!) and he actually likes it! I'm so glad because I really didn't want to deal with owning a billion and saving them for years down the road when we have another toddler that needs a sippy cup.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthday Bash

Pete's birthday party was on Saturday so that everyone could come and boy did everyone come, we had 20+ people come to his birthday party! We had hot dogs and brats for lunch with lots of yummy side dishes. Grandpa and Grandma Horn hosted the event at their house so that we had enough room and real grass, since our yard still consists of mud. Pete got lots of gifts from everyone, which he has been playing with all day long and loves dearly. After presents he got to have his cake. He had no clue what to do with it, I finally gave him a spoon and he attacked it a bit more. I finally decided to take the cake away when he started to play with his toes, in the cake. He had lots of fun with everyone and ended up going to bed at 6.30 and not waking up during the night because he never ate his dinner or last bottle! He just was worn out after partying all day. It was a super fun time and glad that everyone was there to help celebrate a great year!

A Year in Review- Pete's First Year

Friday was Pete's birthday it started off his celebration by waking up at 2 am screaming. I noticed the time and realized that it was exactly a year since he first met grandma and grandpa Horn at the hospital, (they were in town and he should have been there much earlier). We didn't do too much we spent most of the day at grandma's house baking his birthday cakes.
Here is a review of Pete's first year in pictures!
2 hours old
3 months old
Christmas Day
6 months
7 months
8 months
9 months
Birthday Picture

It is hard to believe that I have spent an entire year with such an amazing little boy! I love watching you grow up and look forward to doing it for the eternities! I love you so much and can't wait for each day so that we can play, but I also love watching you become independent and play alone with your toys too.

Happy Birthday Petester!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pete's First Birthday Picture

We got a good deal at Olan Mills a couple weeks ago and it came with the cd with our favorite picture plus the rights to said picture! So here you go and hope you enjoy! I can't believe tomorrow he will be 1!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthdays and a Scrapbook

As I said in a couple of posts ago my birthday was last month. We were in Utah at the time and missed having my party with Matt and my family. Since we share a birthday I am not used to having it on my own and decided (though it was far from the opposite as a kid, even teenager) that it is much better to share it. I am not a fan it anymore though it has only happened three times in my whole life (insert miniature violin) this time and while Matt (oh my brother for those of you who don't know) was on a mission. This time is was so bizarre not even seeing my family for a whole week afterwards even, but it was fun to see everyone in Utah so it was well worth it. It was a good birthday and I really don't think I have EVER heard so many renditions of "happy birthday" in one day in my life especially aimed at me alone!
Well when I did get home I had my own party with grandparents and family friends. I received many great gifts. Mom and Dad got me a Cricut! I have been looking into one for awhile and finally decided that it would indeed be useful and not just sit there uselessly until I do my scrapbooks once a year for two weeks. I find it easier to make a massive mess once or twice a year rather than little ones every month or so.
For Pete's birthday I had the goal of having his scrapbook to display for everybody to see...and show off my scrapbooking skills. This gift was perfect it made me actually get to the point of reaching my goal and so I don't have to go out and buy a whole bunch more stuff. I have been running out of alphabet stickers for awhile now and have been using some strange titles to use up obscure letters. Now I just have to pick what I want and how big and make it myself. I have fallen in love with post-it brand again because of their sticky back paper and how much easier it makes my life.
I am almost done with his book now except pictures Wal-greens had a good deal going and so we were running out today and sent them it, well the one in town is not working right now so it got sent to Columbia City 30 minutes away! I'm not sure if I'll be going over there any time soon, so it might be just before his party before the pictures are actually glued in and finalized.

A random request for those with facebook:

A friend Andrea is in a contest for David's Bridal to win a honeymoon and dress and the works! She is currently in second place, a very close second place. Normally I don't care about these things and ignore them. This time it was so sweet and they totally deserve it. So if you get the chance follow the link and check it out. You can read her story for her entry, but also just so further information from another friend, Andrea is a 3 time cancer survivor and has lost two siblings and a parent to cancer but still fights with a smile on her face. I know this will make her very, very happy! She is on page 9.

Thanks everyone!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Well we are officially moved! We had the internet hooked up today (explains this post)! It is so nice to have the internet in our home and have it be really fast, the down side is paying for it, but now that Phil has a job it is possible and so worth it already! We have finished up packing and organizing the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room. Now we just have to finish up the coat closet, storage unit and office/craft area. We put our table in storage because the apartment has a bar and that way we would each have our own work area and keep it contained. Really unless we are having people over for dinner the table was mostly a catchall for junk when walking in the door. This is helping out with that some. I do kind of miss it but the bar is really nice too so it makes up for it some. There were quite a few things wrong with the apartment when we moved in. The air conditioner wasn't working, the water heater didn't work and the washer and dryer hadn't arrived yet oh and there was a leak under our sink and in our furnace room. It was kind of a let down to have to see the maintenance guy so much during our first week in a brand new apartment but really the guy is great. Phil started his training today and so far is still excited about! Sorry no pictures yet, I still haven't unpacked my camera so it isn't really a possibility.