Saturday, April 21, 2012


It seems we have been spending lots of time there recently.  Last week we were downtown for a couple days.  Phil had a conference and had a hotel room so we tagged along for the free room and some time to wander around the downtown area.  Phil's conference was good and he got to see some of his professors again which was nice.  I walked around with Pete for two straight days. We came home after the conference and had an enjoyable weekend.  We were pre-approved for a home loan!  So now we are seriously looking for houses!  We went and looked at quite a few the other day and are going to go and look at a couple more and look at one a second time.  Yesterday I made cinnamon rolls for Mom and her friends.  They were so tasty, and I won't lie I'm in love with the recipe, but I have learned NOT to make the full batch and split it in two half batches because it makes way to much dough for my mixer (Kitchenaid).  Phil took off early yesterday to come to a doctor's appointment in Indy for Pete. We found out that he will have to have surgery, but it is pretty common (80-90 a year) for the doctor and it is the easiest kind to fix!  We don't know when we will schedule it, because we don't have to hurry to get it down, no one is too concerned about having it done quickly, whenever it is easiest.  Also I ran into Target on the way home and picked up an item of my dreams.  A cow creamer!  I've always wanted one, but they go in spurts of being popular and being incredibly obscure.  I also found the matching milk carton sugar bowl, but they didn't have pictures of it on their website.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter was spent with the Calls down in Batesville.  It was also Joann's birthday, so we celebrated with her too!  It was fun to see everyone and play.  Pete was a little unsure about Grandpa Call for a bit, but once he was in his regular clothes and not his uniform he seemed to like him much better, and maybe the snack helped too.  Pete loved seeing his Aunt Sarah (he can even say her name, along with grandpa and grandma) My mom made Pete a bow tie for his Easter present so he wore that to church with his gray suit and dress shirt.  This time she made the bigger size for him and it was so cute, it will probably be seen at church for quite awhile.  Phil wore his jelly bean tie from last year.  I didn't wear anything special, partly because my hair is significantly shorter than it was last year at this time and a hair tie with a bow isn't the easiest thing to put in my hair!  The Easter bunny visited us while we were down in Batesville.  Phil got a whole bunch of blank journals, and a chocolate rabbit.  Kim got a flute (!) and a chocolate bunny and Pete made out like a bandit with a football, teddy bear, stuffed lamb, golf clubs, a new book, chocolate rabbit and a giant dump truck and book for at grandma's house!  It was a very good holiday and was very nice to have time with everyone!

He wouldn't look at the camera the entire time.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break was last week.  We went down to the Great Smoky Mountains with my family.  We all stay in a big cabin and spend the week exploring the park and having fun together. This year the majority of the time was spent playing in the various rivers and streams.  The kids all loved throwing in rocks and climbing the boulders around them.  Since I took over 900 pictures during vacation I'll just post a couple now and go through them more later on this week.
First Pete picture of vacation

Pete driving grandpa's minivan.

Playing in a river with daddy

Do you see how big his diaper is?

Pete eying a hitchhiker on our hike.