Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Warriors

Well since summer has started so have our weekends off!  This weekend we drove up to Warsaw to work in my parents yard with Phil's landscaping skills.  We got everyone gift certificates for one free job as long as they provided room and board.  Well they choose to knock off one hard project off their list.  A fire ring. This isn't just any plain old car rim fire pit mind you.  Now it is lined with hand selected bricks (That was my job)  with field stone around where the fire is actually going to be.   We (okay Phil) dug out the pit a few inches in a donut shape and leveled it all out and then filled it with paver base stuff, tamped it down level and laid the bricks on top and filled the whole thing up with play sand to keep it in place.  I didn't do much to help but I was there for moral support and drinks and snacks!  I planned on going garage selling with Mom while the boys worked in the yard but instead we made muffins for the men at church the next day for father's day.   We took pictures of the whole process (of the ring, not the muffins) but my parents have those. We also went to Dunkirk to visit a friend that just got back from his mission to Japan.  I never had met him but I know his younger brother and his older brother from school and church. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It has been one whole year since we got married!  Lots of wonderful time has been spent together since last June 10th.  I love being married to Phil and couldn't really imagine it any other way.  It is so nice to always know someone will be home with me and always say my cooking is wonderful. The one bad thing about our anniversary though is that it is the day we went back to work!  Or actually the day Phil went back to work.  I am kind of employed but I only get a few hours a week. It was nice just to spend the evening at home after vacation though.  Here are some pictures of us through our first year.  Blogger wouldn't let me add anymore so this is most of our first year of marriage.


We went on Vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains with my family a while ago.  I was super fun and a very classic vacation.  My family went at least once every year as a kid and we decided to go this year since it was Phil's first time going.  However I'm not going to put up pictures because Tashina (My wonderful Sister-in-law) did a great job to doing that for me on her blog  I did take some of the pictures though, so I wasn't completely neglecting my blogging duty, I just have too many other things to write about!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Prophet said to Plant a Garden...

Today we managed to finishing planting our garden that we started a long time ago when it was still snowing.  Today our peas have flowers, have broken through one of the strings holding them up and are taller than our fence.  The purple beans have random holes in the leaves (I don't know why but I don't see bugs) and have either more leaves coming on or buds, the garlic is tall and thick, the onions are beginning to look like green onions instead of grass in the garden, the cabbage looks like it might start becoming cabbage.  The squash plants are big and we planted eggplants
and banana peppers, and we now have a grand total of 19 tomato plants!  I don't even eat tomatoes!  Phil better like them a lot with the amount we willhopefully have from the plants.