Monday, October 14, 2013

At the Park with Mommy

Phil had a meeting at an elementary school today so we tagged along with Dex in tow while we waited for him to finish up.  Dex wasn't so sure about this playing stuff going on and especially didn't like the being tied up while we went down the slides.  Pete had a blast for it though! 
Kim and Dex

Pete up in the barn playhouse

sliding Pete

Dex got lucky and found a bone in my purse.  Amazes me what can be found in its depths!

Helping grandma lich with leaves

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Zoo Trip with a Friend

Tuesday we went to the zoo with Annalyse and her grandma while her parents were with her new baby brother and sister in the NICU.  Alas it was the last regular trip to the zoo for the year because the season is over on Sunday.  The Halloween Zoo days are coming up and we plan to go to that as well so at least one last hurrah of the zoo season until next year!  Actually this day was also kind of a celebration of Pete's one year anniversary seizure free! Yeah now hopefully onto a whole life without anymore!
Pete and Annalyse at the Pumpkin Patch at the zoo

Mommy and Pete on the Train

The kids driving the safari jeep in Africa

The kids playing with the eggs

Enjoying the carousel in Indonesia

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Party!

Last Friday I had some friends over to make cinnamon rolls.  We made lots!  We had some to eat then, some to take home and some to friends with new babies and those we thought might just enjoy them!  Pete got to hang out with a friend and they both ended up "helping" at the end.  Pete is stirring the glaze and Leah is licking the glaze off the counter top and her mom's cinnamon roll!  A great time and wonderful chance to bake and help out some friends.
The "child labor"