Saturday, August 30, 2008


Okay so this was the first week of classes for the fall semester.  We are both taking 18 credit hours, Phil is working three different jobs, and I am looking for a job at the moment (I have a few interviews coming up)  Things are a little busy around here so I don't know how often I will be able to update the blog my goal is three times a month at least.  We both have Monday off for Labor day so we are going to Indy for Aunt Kate's birthday and to see the fam.  I can really tell the school year has started because we are already spending a good part of Saturday at the library on campus doing homework, or at least that is what we were supposed to be doing, but  the pictures tell a slightly different story. I don't know who decided to but a photo booth on a laptop for college students, but it sure wasn't any professor wanting a paper!  I always seem to take pictures with it instead of doing something else.  This morning we went to the local farmers market and got lots of yummy produce like eggplant (neither of us have had it so we are experimenting tonight), tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, and spaghetti squash. Then we went to the primary activity so Phil could play his Ukulele for the kids since it was a Hawaiian theme.  Well my text book is calling my name... actually it is really good it is a fun read its A Whack on the side of the Head, it's about developing creativity.

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Always fun when Robert Comes....

Okay so this has been a very exciting week! I will start at the beginning though so you don't find out about the title unto the end.  Okay so on Tuesday we took a crazy trip to Indy because we had forgotten about the free tickets to the Indiana State Museum that we had won for donating blood.  We saw lots of different things there and then had a picnic on the canal behind the museum.  After we saw the museum we went to the Half price bookstore near Aunt Kate's house.  Once we finished up there and spent a whole two dollars on six cassette tapes we found for the car, we called Aunt Kate to see what she was doing in the evening.  We meet her and went out for a wonderful dinner at Red Lobster, I tried some of Phil's fish, just to let you know.  Then we finally headed home and then Phil had to work at Midnight for Marsh.  Okay now the main event of the week...drum roll please...Robert's Home Coming!  So Robert is Phil's next younger sibling in the line starting with Ben (Charity), Amanda (David), Phil (me), Robert, Thomas, James and Sarah. Their missions overlapped so they didn't see each other for four years!  His flight was supposed to be in last night in the evening, but instead it was about 12.30am! Today we spent the day cramped in the together with Mom, Dad, and Robert and of course the two of us quite a fun adventure all over southern Ohio and Indiana.  We went to the dentist the Stake Center to get him released and then to the eye doctor.  As you can tell we had some fun too along the way! 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

In the Glow of the Golden Arches...

We are celebrating the end of an era for this weekend-the end of Phil working at McDonalds!  So exciting and wonderful!  On Monday he starts working at Compass, a new tutoring place for high school kids.  Oh and he actually gets paid for this tutoring unlike the last 2 semesters where he did the same thing but for service hours, not money.  I am hoping to get a call from the garage on campus to know whether or not I got the job, I hope so otherwise I will begin working in foodservice again.  On Saturday we were able to go to the Columbus Temple on a ward Temple trip (only 5 people from the ward went)  We took an older lady, Polly Smith, she was a hoot.  She always says that she is only 4 years church years that is, she told a ton of jokes in the car and was just great fun.  The Temple was as usual a wonderful experience for us, we were able to do an endowment session and sealings so it was a very productive day, actually I only have one or two names left until I am through with all the ones Mom had for me last time!  Today church was good the talks were all about modern and ancient Temples and we sang some super fun hymns.  Oh and another added bonus was that Polly brought us some delicious banana bread and her recipe for it and some whole wheat pancake mix.  Phil is off at a Stake Priesthood meeting so I went on a baking spree, I baked some chocolate chip cookies (okay pretty much the only kind of cookie), I cooked some chicken from the freezer up so we have some ready to eat whenever we need to for casseroles or what not, actually I need to bag it up and freeze it again, and I started a loaf of bread so we can eat some sandwiches this week!  Well Phil should be coming home soon so I better finish cleaning up the kitchen! Oh and the second picture is of me in my Marsh uniform if you couldn't tell (I thought I should since I have one of Phil in his uniform) The third picture is one that Phil has been bugging me to put up so here it is...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

From Putt-Putt to the State Fair...

It was a very exciting week Monday we took a random trip to Putt-Putt in Anderson, Indiana and to Mounds State Park.  That was our Family Home Evening for the week, it was funded
 by Grandma Horn, so thanks!  Phil's Mom came up on Wednesday for a bit with his sister Sarah, she went to this really nifty flea market and got a whole bunch of super cheap produce and share the goods with us including asparagus, peaches, pineapple, watermelon, and salad!  We went out for lunch and sat around and talked for awhile.  It was a fun day.  Then Thursday resulted in a massive day of preserving fruit and veggies. We used the majority of the peaches to make jam and preserves, we ate some of the pineappleand made jam out of it too.  (it was quite yummy)  We froze the asparagus to have for this winter.  Everything turned out wonderfully and totally made a mess in the kitchen, but to have all of the food for later will be great.  Friday after Phil got off work we drove to Indy to meet up with Matt, Tashina and the girls to go to the State Fair, we were later joined by Mom and Dad.  We had a great time and stayed up late talking.  Phil and I slept outside in our tent in the backyard and in the morning we all went out for a giant breakfast afterwards Phil had to leave to get to Muncie to start his 12 hour work day.  I stayed in Indy with the family and went to the orchard that Tashina loves and got pears and apple cider slushies!  Yum!  I went back to the Fair with Mom and did all of the things we wanted to do and didn't have a chance to do the day before, and while we were there I won a drawing for a free book of Indiana Trees and a super handy and nice bag.  After we finished up at the Fair we started our way back to Muncie and ate dinner at Steak-n-Shake.  Finally on Sunday we both had to get up and work on lessons for our different callings mine was for the nursery, which was a complete success with the whole goal of the kids blessing the snack, and Phil's was for Elders Quorum.  We went on a long walk to celebrate our 2 Month anniversary and the cooler weather.  Tomorrow we are going to travel to Indiana Beach to use our free pass and have a last big day before the stress of school starts up again for a few months.  

Monday, August 4, 2008

Oklahoma Outdoors

So to begin our exciting and action-packed weekend we went to see the musical Oklahoma outside at a local park by an area theater group. The show was sadly cut short right after the wedding of Curly and Laurie, because of the storm that was quickly approaching. I made some yummy chicken to take on a picnic to watch it since Phil was getting off work half an hour before it started! We walked down and afterwards we were planning on sitting around and playing guitar, but
plans changed due to the weather and instead moved it inside our apartment. On Saturday morning we woke up early and went to the local farmers market where we got some green tomatoes and some bell peppers and a cool strange purple pepper! Then we drove around and ran some more errands around town. While we were out we picked up some milk and discovered that the price had jumped 20 cents in one week! Err.... We both had to work in the afternoon and evening and I didn't get off until 11pm so Phil made a wonderful dinner of Green Fried Tomatoes! Then on Sunday we both had to get to church early because we had meetings for our new callings. Nursery was much better today, it was probably better that it was the first day that was the worst and not yesterday because I wasn't expecting anything that week. But I did find out that the Nursery leader will be gone for the next two Sundays so I will be the one in charge, poor kids... Once we got home from church we had to start making dinner for the couple that was coming over for pizza dinner. It was a fun weekend though it was a bit crazy with work schedules and such. ....oh by the way... I have pictures but left my camera at home and I am on campus so there will be pictures up at some point...sorry

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Drain Dilemma

Last Sunday as I hopped in the tub to take a quick shower I quickly found myself standing in a tub full of raising water!  I was not pleased with this since I had just cleaned it on Friday while Phil was at work.  We couldn't do much about it on Sunday because we were having a new couple in the ward our for the traditional Sunday pizza dinner.  On Monday we attacked the tub with hangers and every long flexible item able to be shoved down a tub drain (which really isn't much in our apartment) So the next thought was chemicals, well after the 11.30pm run to Wal-Mart run was in vain because they didn't work, but we did remember that Phil had to go to work at midnight so that was good at least.  We then called the landlord who has never actually returned our call to see what he wanted us to do.  Then I Wednesday morning I had enough and went to the wonderful world of the Internet and looked it up on Yahoo and found an article from the University of Florida (I find this super funny, and I don't really know why) on how to solve the problem.  The answer was a plunger!  Okay and some screwdrivers, wet rag and a tub full of water.  So I took off the plate that is supposed to control whether the water goes down the drain or not (which is just for looks on ours) stuffed a wet rag in it and turned on the water to fill up the tub.  Then attacked the clog with all of my plunging abilities! It took about 3 minutes of this and suddenly I was standing in an empty soap scummy tub!   I was thrilled to have actually conquered the silly thing!