Thursday, August 30, 2012

Before and After: Our Room

The final room in the main floor of the house.  This room took one really thick coat of tinted primer and one coat of paint.  This color is Waterford from Ace Hardware. I almost wish I went one shade darker but I don't mind it either.  The furniture is all from Ikea and the lamps are from Lowe's.  The curtains are two twin sheet that I slit the top seam of and stuck the rod through.  Easy and nice and flowing.  We're still working on the quilt but haven't had much time to work on it yet.  Hopefully it will be ready for this winter sometime. 

Before and After: Pete's Room

Pete's room is painted in Carthage also from Ace Hardware. We had the primer tinted to the color as well and it took two coats of primer to cover the earlier color.  The tinted primer worked out great for covering these horrible colors.  Pete's room is a barnyard.  I did both the paintings on his wall. They are based off of the cows from Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type.  It took me a couple hours to complete and I watched a movie while doing it.  Pete wakes up every morning and tells me about the cows on his walls.  They are his favorite things.  The milk canister holds his blocks and the corn is actually a trivet, both are from Home Sweet Home in Warsaw. Pete is still in the crib that Phil's dad made for him and the furniture was Phil's from when he was a kid.  Grandma Horn found the table at goodwill for Pete.  I'm going to paint it sometime soon because the top is getting a bit worn from use.  I still have one more painting to do with a canvas that Grandma Lich gave us for Pete's birthday.  It is going to be Shaun the Sheep (Pete's favorite tv show).  His curtains are the same ones from the apartment so it made it easy on me that way! I also sewed a tractor quilt for his crib, that he loves to be covered up with every night. 

Before and After: Bathroom

This was the biggest change in the whole house!  We knew it was going to be work coming into the house but not as much as we had to end up doing.  It started with replacing the linoleum, which lead to ripping out two layers of rotten subflooring and Phil installing new.  I laid the new linoleum myself! Then it was replacing the toilet and the vanity and finally painting and caulking. This room is painted the same as the basement will be, Ostrich Egg from Ace Hardware.  I used the Premium Kilz in here because of the mold prohibitive in it.  The new vanity is significantly thinner than the old one and makes the bathroom look so much bigger than the old one.  Crazy amount of work but so worth it!

Before and After: Spare Room

This is the smallest room in the house and it was painted the darkest.  I wanted it to be light and bright.  I think I succeeded!  It took two coats of primer to cover the navy blue from before the new color is the Cheery Yellow from Ace Hardware, but the actual paint is from Menard's because it was closer!  Oops!  I did this room while Phil was doing OA one weekend.  Lucky duck got to leave and come back to a finished room!  I also used the Zinsser primer in here as well. The decorations in this room are all family heirlooms, so it makes it a very special room. 

Before and After: Kitchen

The kitchen was one of the biggest projects in the house. I removed the hardware and fronts then used a primer, followed with Dutch Boy White enamel paint.  I used the Zinsser primer which worked the best.  I used some Kilz in the beginning but the store was out so I picked up this brand instead.  It kicked but, the Kilz was fairly runny like paint whereas the Zinsser was thick like glue.  I went with an enamel paint for easy clean up.  One coat of each did the trick.  I bought new pulls for the cupboards and drawers.  I also painted the countertops with the Gianni Granite Bombay Black paint kit.  It worked great and so far I haven't had any problems.  I ran out of the top coat (polyurethane) and called the company they sent me another can the next day for free!  It was a lot cheaper than a new countertop!  We did get a new stove and fridge. The stove is my dream stove; gas with a convection bake oven with self-cleaning!  It had 2 small dings so it was on clearance and was on super sale at Lowe's.  The fridge is just a black fridge.  We spray painted the vent fan above the stove to sliver to match the dishwasher and Phil installed a new faucet in the sink.  I spent two days on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors.  I thought they were brown when we bought it but they are actually light beige.  I used a scrub brush and Borax on them to get them that clean.  Nothing else could cut the dirt!  The walls are painted Peace River from Ace Hardware as well.  I thought the kitchen was white orginally, but really was the same dirty off white as the front room.  Yuck!

Before and After: Front Room

Here is the entrance into our New House!  I finally found my camera after moving and was able to take the after shots.  We didn't do much in here except to paint and hang curtains and put in some furniture.  We used Ace Hardware brand paint throughout the whole house except for one room, it worked great and the employees there were actually knowledgeable. This room is called Tumble Weed.  It is a bit darker than the color before since the last one was a dirty off white.