Monday, February 23, 2009

Phil and English Papers

So this weekend was quite busy, but really when aren't our weekend not busy? Phil did really well at the State Speech Competition.  He competed in four events and brought home four medals! He got third in impromptu, persuasive, extemporaneous.  He also got fifth in editorial impromptu which was a new event for the state competition.  While he was doing that I was hanging around at my parents house in a sarong and sandals for a bridal shower for my cousin.  It was a great time with everyone and I got to wear my pink sarong, what could be better, really!  (um if it weren't snowing outside...)  So in case anyone was wondering I am writing a paper for English 104 my topic for the ethnography is stay-at-home mom bloggers.  So be warned I have been reading blogs and writing about them for a class, don't worry though I am only writing good things since I follow your blogs and will someday join the club.


JACKIE said...

Isn't "when aren't our weekends not busy" a double negative?
Love you

Michelle Heuer said...

Sounds like ya'll have super busy! I have been too, what with all the traveling across country all last week. I need a job...nobody will hire a college grad for part-time jobs. Well, I would work full time but i'm trying not to get into a "career" job which is more permanent, since I am leaving again in 6 months. Anyway, congrats phil on the papers! and good luck on you paper kim. I remember writing my paper for English 104...mine was on family and religion. I made a website of it (required) with the iweb program too. Good luck on your paper!!

Michelle Heuer said...

oh the website is in case you have to make a website too...the home page is awful but the paper portion is really good.