Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Darth Vader Reads The Book of Mormon

Sounds interesting doesn't it?  Well that is just our daily life around here!  I found Phil this great Vader hoodie the day after Halloween on clearance and had to buy it, we're talking under $10.  It zips up all the way and transforms the hood into his helmet.  Part of Pete's bedtime routine is to read a really brief bit of the scriptures, Phil was wearing it with the hood down, until Pete came and zipped him up.  So Vader was reading the Book of Mormon to the family that night.  Really funny and pretty fun too, especially since it was a war and destruction section we were reading.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Photographer Pete

I bought a new ipod awhile ago now.  I'm in love, won't lie.  I told myself I wasn't going to let Pete use mine, but he could use my old one, hahaha! Lies!  Well he has learned that there is a camera on it, how to use and has gotten pretty good at taking the pictures.  I'm pretty impressed by some of them, within 3 minutes the other day he took over 60 pictures with it.  Most of them were of his tractors and semi truck.  But plenty were of the rocking chair and me coming to take back my ipod. 

Here is one of his masterpieces.
Hi, Grandma White!  Pete has decided my mom is grandma white, can you figure out why?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Popo and Captain Kirk

This year we were Star Trek for Halloween. I still haven't gotten the family pictures of the costumes off the camera and probably won't for awhile.  So you get these random ones instead.  Sorry the joy of a super busy month and a new ipod with a camera. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Awhile ago, like a loooooong time ago, we received an anonymous donation to our fun funds via Ruby Tuesday and Zoyo (frozen yogurt) from a smiley face labeled Joy...Yes I'm pretty darn sure I know who you are and if I attempt to repay you again and it isn't accepted, again, then it will be donated to PETA or the Democratic National Committee instead.  So here is my thanks though for the great dinner and dessert with a fun picture of Pete enjoying the frozen yogurt.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Random Picture Post

Daddy and Pete at the lake with a balloon

Pete and the original duck face

Pete being a cowboy in mommy's boots

Happy Halloween from Dex!

Pete and Dex watching TV together

Pete helping grandpa fix the phone line

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trunk or Treat: Batesville

We actually did two trunk or treats this year one at our ward and one down with Phil's family ward in Batesville over fall break.  I forgot to pack our costumes for this one, but luckily Phil's mom came through and pulled out some old ones from when all the kids were little.  Lucky for us as well is that there were enough of them that one was bound to fit Pete and Phil is about the same size as his dad for his costume. Alas I'm not really a Call sized person and there were no Horn family sized ones to be had so I just wore a Marching band hat and called it good enough, while handing out apples and raisins from the trunk.
Here is the Call Family original

And our reenactment for Trunk or Treat. Sorry no cool plane for us, just the church curtain.

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo: Zoo Boo!

We decided to try out the Zoo Boo up in Fort Wayne this year and took Annalyse with us as well. They have trick or treating stations and some of the animals still out if they can handle the cooler weather.  We ended up going on princess day (yucky!) but Annalyse enjoyed it and Pete didn't notice a thing about it.  The kids had fun, but you could tell the difference a couple of weeks makes between our last season trip and this one.  Burr!
The kids holding hands in the car.

Annalyse with her favorite Princess, Snow White

Saturday, November 2, 2013

At the Park: With Avery and Dex

Our friends needed someone to watch their daughter for them for a couple of hours one day.  We played around the house for awhile and then headed off to the park for a little bit to kill some time and get Pete to run off some energy.  I have learned something from this experience.  Pete at the park is much more fun if we take a friend, because I don't have to do anything!  He is content with playing with his friends that making me play with him.  I love it!  I got to sit and swing and have a break from chasing him for about an hour.  I might have to borrow my friends kids more often for this next spring and summer!  Dex had a great time as well get to lay there and gnaw on some mulch while surveying his surroundings. 
Pete finishing up on the slide

Avery on the Monkey Bars
Dex enjoying the view.