Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun times with Po Po

Grandpa Call

Pete calls all grandpas Po Po.  They are his very favorite, he doesn't mind if it is Po Po Call or Horn, or a Great Grand Po Po.  One of the best things about Po Po's are all the fun machines they have, especially Po Po Call.  Pete loved to ride on his big "mowy" (that's a tractor/lawn mower for those that aren't fluent in Pete) He got quite a few rides while hauling stuff for a camp out and cleaning up the dam and just around the yard.  This grandpa also has an airplane.  Pete wasn't quite as sure about it as he was with the tractor, but by the end he sure didn't want to get out!  I think Pete has a detector hidden in him some where that can sense when Grandpa is nearby, he just starts shouting Po Po Po! and I try to tell him that he isn't around and then the door would open with him behind it!  Crazy kid. Pete does love him even without the fun machines, he enjoyed grabbing grandpa's finger and dragging him down the stairs to see the train and Little People toys.  It was a fun visit for Pete this time, he is getting big enough to do the really fun stuff and actually enjoy it.

Pete with Grandpa on the tractor with proper ear protection

Pete flying with Grandpa, not so sure about the headset.

Kim and Pete flying

Phil flying

Super Family

We were at Wal-Mart awhile ago and saw these masks while waiting for our car to get the oil changed so we had to play a bit!
Pete as Wolverine

Phil as Thor
And Kim as Captain America

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Dixie Ride of the Season

Memorial Day weekend we went on our first Dixie ride of the season.  Pete had a great time on the boat, especially since he got to eat popcorn! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pete and Kellen

We babysat Kellen earlier this month and they were the best of buds the whole time.  I just loved that they wanted to sit together in the chair with their milk cups.  If you notice they are both wearing about the same hats (Pete can't handle his being the correct way with the bill in the front).  Such cute little boys!

p.s.  Pete is doing great after surgery you couldn't tell anything was wrong with him or that he had surgery!  Only the bruises and the stitches but not his behavior or attitude.