Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthdays (yeah we got older too)

Preparing the cake
The cake
Pete isn't the only one that had a birthday the last couple of months when my blogging was lacking a nice bit due to vacations and moving.  Mine of course was in July.  I had a great time and welcomed 24 very well.  We had a fun time with everyone around and celebrating me...and Matt.  Phil just had his birthday a little bit ago in September.  We had a big party with everyone and celebrated Aunt Kate, Phil and my Mom's birthdays at the same time.  I decorated the cake which turned out really well except for the fact that there wasn't room in the fridge to keep it cool so it started to droop because of the heat.  Phil got some good gifts from everyone and we gave everyone else theirs.  Phil also was lucky enough to get a second party just with us closer to his real birthday.  He chose Jello cake (again) and got even more presents! He also had to blow out all 27 candles on his cake, which had started to melt the whipped cream! 
Who is that Cutie?
Notice what is in the picture frame?  A taxidermy squirrel picture, for the bathroom.

Birthday Boy    

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pete's Two

Well actually Pete has been two for awhile and I just haven't had time to post!  On his actual birthday we just had a dinner with my parents and played.  The next week we had a huge birthday party for him.  We had a big cookout in the front of the new house (which was finished just in time to show off!)  We had lots of family and friends over to celebrate.  Pete got lots of new toys, books, and some clothes.  The giant planters in front of the house make great sitting for a party and came in handy since we only own two lawn chairs and forgot to ask people to bring their own! 
I baked a huge cake for the occasion, it took 3 boxes of cake mix to make.  It was a farm cake to go along with his barnyard bash of a day.  It had his bright red tractor and a new cow on it.  It looked like fields and pastures. It was pretty awesome.  I didn't take any pictures at the party because it was during the lost camera phase of the move. I found some from dad so I'm using those.

Most of me can't really believe that he is two already.  But then he throws a fit and I know for sure! 

Now ten little things I love about Pete:
1. "tao, mommy, TAO"  is the phrase that I wake up to every morning as he notices the cow painting on the walls
2.   the way he smacks his lips together when he is hungry
3.   any liquid is "juice" and milk is known as "moo juice"
4.  "MOMMMMY, MOMMMMMY, MOOOMMY" and the responding "PETEYYYY" getting yelled back
5.  That his favorite shows are ones I can handle watching a billion times, except for Thomas the Train.  I can't stand that show.
6.  the way he knows when someone is sad or hurt and tries to give kisses
7.  the fact that my kisses make the owie better every time, even better than Daddy's on some things
8.  the way he can find every piece of farm equipment on a drive.  He can find any tractor!
9.  he is a clean freak, unlike mommy!  
10.  the way he says "Byeee, Byeee" and blows kisses.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Random Summer Video

I just came across this, we really did some stuff this summer.  It was such a quick and busy time that sometimes I forget that we did have some fun.