Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Pete has been way into painting lately.  His favorite is water colors, he enjoys finger painting for a little bit but the whole getting dirty thing turns him off and he spends most of the time using wet wipes to clean off his hands! Enjoy a glimpse of his artistic process.
Actually painting

choosing his next color

masterpiece in progress

a finished piece

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pete gets a Haircut

Okay so it isn't his first haircut but it is the first one that wasn't done by me.  Grandparents apparently don't like the way I cut his hair, though I think it is perfectly fine and isn't too short (I use the clippers with the 1inch guard so as long as it gets!), but if they want to spend money on a professional then it saves me time in the long run!  He did really well considering he was in a new place, with a different person trimming away at his head.  He didn't really fuss at all though he did make lots of funny faces while she was working. 
getting ready for the haircut

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finding Out!

Today was the day I have been looking forward to for so long!  Today we had our anatomy scan and found out the gender.  Phil was lucky and got to peek at the screen the entire time while I had to wait until after the tech was done doing the measurements for the doctor for all of the important stuff!  Apparently they have a policy to not put it on the big screen until after they have all the stuff that could go wrong or have a problem is done.  Our babe is just fine from what she saw but they yet again have my due date wrong, and I was originally correct!  So the due date is 6.20.2014.  This kiddo apparently didn't like either the ultrasound or having pictures taken because it just kept moving all over the place while the tech tried to get the job done. 

A nice head and spine view
Once we got ready to find out the gender the baby ended up facing my back with its legs crossed...kid you not.  Already a brat and not even born yet!  Luckily a couple prods and it flipped over and slightly straightened those legs out. Neither of us or the ultrasound tech saw anything after chasing the kid around for 5 minutes so we're having a baby girl come June! Her name is Eleanor "Nora" Marie Call.  We are super excited and are feeling extremely blessed. 
Nice profile you can make our her nose, mouth and tiny little hand

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Snowstorm

This week we had yet another snowstorm, we got about 13 inches of fresh snow on top of all that we had from before.  Phil got one day off of work for this one and the next two days were 2 hour delays because of the frigid temperatures that came afterwards.  Pete was dying to play on his play set and luckily the day it actually snowed it wasn't too cold yet so Phil dug a path all the way through the backyard to his play set.  Pete had a great time making snowballs and just falling in the snow as well as flying down the slide. 

Phil played with him for a bit and then shoveled the driveway, which our wonderful neighbors came and cleaned up even better with their snow blower. I went out for awhile though it took me some time to get ready and am now far enough along in the pregnancy (22 weeks) that I no longer fit in one of the pairs of snowpants, Phil already had on another pair, so I haven't tried them out. 

One family member really didn't like the snow, but really who can blame the poor dog when it is significantly taller than him.  I had to take some pictures of Dex while he was running on the path.