Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sandbox Upgrade

Pete got an awesome birthday present from Aunt Tashina and Uncle Matt the other day, a huge sand digger! We've had a turtle sandbox which is fun but doesn't support the Tonka Trucks and now this digger that Pete wants to use with the sand, especially now that he has to share it with Nora.  It was the impetus to finally upgrade the sandbox like we'd be considering for awhile now.

You can see the majority of the sandbox here.  Plus Nora wanting a refill.
We've also had issues this year with the playset being blown over in windstorms, so we added the new and improved sandbox on the playset and used the sides as outriggers for an increased base and lessen the chances of it flipping.  We filled in the bottom of the playset with sand filled a smaller area with rocks and then had the larger box filled with sand on the other side.  Pete's digger sits in the middle of the two and the rocks act as a filter for spraying of the sand before coming inside.  The digger rotates all the way around so he can haul dirt from either sand box for big projects and fun!  There is also tons of room for both kids to use the Tonka trucks or sand tools.

Getting ready to take a dip at the "beach"
It took us most of the day to do, but was finished in time for them to enjoy for awhile this evening.  It took 36 bags of playsand and the sand leftover from the turtle to fill it.  Phil did a great job on the project and the kids will get lots of use out of our own little beach area!

And she's in!

Even Dex is dog tired after watching Phil work hard on the project!

Monday, September 7, 2015


Fort Wayne was a stop a couple weeks ago for the Airpower History Tour.  Phil had heard about it from a coworker that went so we hurried out of town to make it before they closed.  We even had to get an inverter to run the nebulizer for Pete because we didn't have time to do it before we had to leave. Well we made it in time, there was quite a line (ended up taking about an hour and 15 minutes) to get inside of the B-29 bomber, which we were able to climb a ladder into and check out!
Selfie with "Fifi"

Inside the bomber

Pete with the Corsair

Pete scowling with the bomber

Check out the size of those tires!

Family Photo after a great evening with some sweet planes!