Wednesday, October 29, 2008



8 shows I like to watch:
1. Stargate Atlantis
2.Phineas and Ferb
3. Word Girl
4. House
6.Stargate SG-1
7. Sesame Street

8 things I did yesterday
1. Slept
2. Ate
3. Waited 
4.  Studied
5.  Took Notes
6. Worked
7.  Showered
8. Facebooked

8 favorite places to eat
1. Cheeseburger in Paradise
2.  Woodworth
3.  Biaggi's
4.  Outback
5.  Olive Garden
6. Qdoba
7.  Arby's
8.  El Arriero

8 things I am looking forward to
1. Halloween
2. End of the semester
3. Thanksgiving (long break from school)
4. Disney World
5.  finishing college
6. Getting out of Muncie
7. Not being poor
8. Not working or going to school

8 things on my wish list:
1. A free & finished degree in education--it's like a get out of jail card!
2. A job that pays above minimum wage and doesn't involve food
3.  Yarn
4.  Cat
5.  mansion
6. cleaning lady
7. Suddenly become rich and neither of us have to work again
8. All of the colored dots to come off of our car

8 wonderful gals that I now tag:
(I don't think I know 8 people)
1.  Mom

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Monday, October 27, 2008

That feeling you get....

...when you fall on your butt in the middle of a crowd of college kids. Ahh, this feeling hit close to home when I fell during Late Nite on Saturday night. Well the theme this time was I don't wanna grow up. It had lots of fun stuff like candy, movies, finger painting, and even roller skating! Well me being the silly person I am decided that we had to try it out since the last time I went skating was at the annual canned food drive at the skating rink in 6th grade! Well I did fine while we were skating, I went pretty slow but did a decent enough job, didn't fall once. Then when we decided to head home for the evening I went to take my skates off and had a hard time of it. Phil had finished taking his off and came over to help me. Well he took ahold of my one foot and yanked, and I suddenly was sitting on the floor. Quite a surprise. It would have been funny to see because I was standing between the skate holders and then I wasn't so whoever was watching probably had a good laugh about it. The evening was fun though. Before going to late nite we went to a party with some friends from the church. We played a game of Settlers of Catan, I suddenly came from behind (with the help of a sheep from someone else) to win the game! It was my first time playing so I felt pretty special! All of the pictures are from different late nites that we have been to this year and one from last year too.

P.S. I also added pictures to some of the older posts so check out all of them from October!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Camping, Battles, and Cowboys?

A couple weekends ago we were invited to go camping and attend Mississinewa 1812 with Ryan and Betty Jo Shrack. We used our park pass to get into Salemonie State Park, north of Muncie, and we reserved a campsite for our two tents. We have used ours' a few times but only in backyards, and the Shracks have never used theirs. We had some amazing Hobo dinners that the Shracks made from some of the beef from their family's cow. Of course we had the traditional s'mores over the fire and Ryan read a story for us. We slept in and made some pancakes and sausage on the 

griddle that the Shracks had given us because they had two. It was nice that the guys cooked both meals for us while we were camping! Once we packed everything back up in the car we drove to the battlefield for Mississinewa. We had a fun time watching the reenactment, listening to some folk music and eating delicious food! I saw my old Venture Crew there and talked to them for quite some time. Once we got back to our house we went grocery shopping and headed to Late Nite to pick up a magnet we made the last time. We weren't 

planning on staying but it was a great time. There was fried chicken and pie, an inflatable slide, bandana decorating, and western pictures! We couldn't do all of the other stuff that was there because we had food in the car that needed to get home, so I got out of line dancing!

Picture explanations--
Top:  phil and I trying on period hats...
Middle:  Ryan and Betty Jo Shrack
    Bottom: At our campsite in front of our tent...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Moving Madness...

We have finally moved!  We are now living in the Lyon's house.  We had lots of help to get out of the Bender's apartment both sets of parents came to help pack, move and clean everything up.  I have been able to get much done on any of it before hand because of classes and just a crazy schedule in general, but we were out and cleaned up with the apartment in a few hours.  The place is amazingly clean (it never looked that good while we were living there).  The Dads took loads to the new house while the women packed and cleaned he entire apartment.  Phil couldn't help much because of classes and work...or maybe it is like Dad and the groceries that need brought in... No really he had four classes and work so he is off the hook.  Mom and Dad came with me to the Presidents Own Marine Corps Band last night and spent the night in our spare room on their "great" new air mattress.  (if you couldn't tell it was a horrible experience for the two of them) They left early in the morning and then it was off to classes again for the two of us. We had a short group meeting for Free The Slaves (a club that Phil started on campus) where we talked about t-shirt designs. (if interested just ask).  Well I will have to getsome pictures up here but this will do for now... or should I say...That'll do pig, that'll do.
The top picture is of the street view the one in the middle is the living room (notice how clean it is) and the last one is of the fact that we have leaves, and a sign in our y-a-r-d!  Yes a yard!