Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Unexpected Surprise

Well this week we started something new unexpectedly.  Potty training!  Sunday afternoon Pete held it through his nap until after dinner, I couldn't pass up the opportunity so I made him play with no pants/diaper and bribed him with watching a tv show.  Well he did it!  He has also done it at least once every day since!  I wasn't planning on doing this right now but I guess he was pretty ready and wants to do it so I'm going with it.  Our big tricks are kind of interesting.  The first one is letting him stand up to pee he likes it and it takes a second to wipe up any mess.  The next one is a fountain on the back of the toilet, yep it sounds absolutely crazy but he loves it! That is the fountain that we use they sell it at walmart for a couple bucks or amazon for $10 it runs off a battery so it can sit on top of the toilet easily.  Plus I'm not running the faucet trying to get him to go.  Nakedness is the next thing I've done, if it has been awhile I take off his pants and diaper and make him play like that until he finally goes.  So far he only has peed on the bathroom floor so an easy clean up there too.  We are no where near being officially potty trained but he is well on his way!

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