Sunday, December 25, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

My awesome sister in law (Larissa, since I have a bunch of them) gave us a family photo shoot for Christmas, if you're in Utah I'm going to highly recommend her because we got through an entire family photo shoot with no tears and minimal bribes (that's a big deal people).  Here is her website and facebook page.

We took all of these at the cabin and dock at Phil's parents house, they've got this rustic/primitive cabin down on their pond that the guys (and Sarah) fixed up this year. Now hopefully shutterfly will have lots of good deals for me since these are amazing!  Oh and sorry (not really) about the overload, I couldn't just post a couple.

Um doesn't this almost capture how rotten he is? almost?

Nora adorable shoes.  I'm glad Larissa enjoyed them too and took a picture of them

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas in Virginia!

Christmas here has been interesting.  Its more fall like conditions, to the point where here I can actually believe that winter begins on December 21st, not in November.  I won't lie, I like the warmer temps especially compared to what is going on in Northern Indiana that was home, not a fan of below zero days, yesterday it was almost 80 and I wore shorts.

Phil is coaching winter track this year so he has been swamped with meets and practices for that so I've been on my own with the kids quite a bit for the last month and a half. I've been trying to be sure we hit up all the super fun Christmas themed activities going on around town.  We went to the mall and saw Santa one day, no pictures because I'm too cheap to buy them-just imagine Nora screaming and Pete looking awkward and you get the gist-not worth $30 to own. We also checked out the aquarium to see the scuba diving Santa it was really cool, but poorly set up.  We waited to see him come in the aquirum and then were quickly pushed out of the way for people to come take pictures because they had been setting up a line without informing anyone who actually stood there and waited in the tunnel-hopefully next year they can learn to communicate and set it up better.  Fun and we have a membership, but I'd not buy a ticket just for it.

See? Not a fan of the man in the red suit

Nora has really enjoyed putting money in the Salvation Army buckets the bell ringers always get the biggest hoot out of her getting so excited.  I just think it is cute to see.

My favorite thing to do though for our Virginia Christmas fun has been the light display down on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach.  They have BIG lights set up all over in the sand and by the hotels and you drive on the boardwalk (its actually cement and really wide)

Only in Virginia Beach do you get christmas lights with planes and beach scenes