Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

We've already welcomed in 2016! Netflix countdown worked like a charm for Pete. He's snoozing away while we get to play!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Forgotten Carrier

Went to run to the grocery store on Saturday to pick up some milk, which was a great deal at $1.69 a gallon!  Phil wanted to take a nap, poor sick hubby, Pete watched a show in bed and Nora tagged along.  She managed to fall asleep on the drive to the store.  Normally I have at least one baby carrier in the van, but alas the van was towed to the shop that morning, so no carriers in the back up car!  So I was brave and laid her down in the cart to sleep and she slept the entire time!  I don't think I've ever had that happen before!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Deck the Halls...or Nora?

We went over on Friday night to help Grandma Horn set up her Christmas tree.  Nora didn't agree that the garland was supposed to go around the tree and preferred it a necklaces.  She eventually decided it a bit over the top and borderline tacky...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pete's Computer Art

I taught Pete something cool on the computer yesterday.  He wanted to draw on it and found the shapes on Paint on his own.  I then showed him the joy of the fill and let him go at it.  He only asked for me to fill in the lightning bolt for him, the rest is all his own.  We even got to print it!

today edition

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Family Pictures 2015!

Last week we had such perfect weather we took advantage of it for my Dad to take our annual family pictures.  This year we went to the Chinworth Bridge in Warsaw.  Dad met us after work and the kids were actually in a decent mood...thanks to a bribe of a new toy for Pete and marshmallows.  Though Nora's naptime actually worked out great for it as well.  This year I had the boys and girls matching and generally coordinating between the two.  It started out with our matching Ugg style boots then I was at a craft show and fell in love with the feather scarves from Sew Much Sweeter, she custom made the toddler one for Nora because she didn't have one in stock.  The prices and quality are great.  Plus she has most of the items that are popular right now in adorable comfy fabrics.  Nora's sweater was a zulily find from American Apparel.  The boys baseball shirts came from Amazon.  I thought everything turned out amazing from the outfits, weather, attitudes and the final pictures!  Now just to actually getting around and getting prints made for the house!

I love Nora's grin in this one.  Probably my favorite!

Looking so big!

from before the picturs even started

The hardest fought shot of the night.  

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Selfies by Pete

Pete was using my fire phone the other day and when he gave it back to me informed me that he had taken some pictures with it.  Finally that night I was able to look and came up with about 50 pictures he had taken!  These are the cream of the crop!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Farmhouse Table Review

We decided it was time to upgrade our table this fall.  We all fit around it but if we had company of any sort then we were too big for it.  We've had the table since before kids so it was kinda bittersweet to get rid of it, but the new Farmhouse Table we got from Furniture and Concrete Gallery has been completely worth it!
all ready for fall

I love the dark top and pickled bottom.  I was really hesitant with the grooves between the boards on this style of table but really it hasn't gotten too horribly disgusting, even with both kids.  We use a damp microfiber towel and wipe up crumbs from the grooves and for more problematic pieces pull out the vacuum with the crevice attachment.  Nora likes to use the bench for a table at snack time but for most meals she sits in her ikea highchair at one end without the try on. Works great!  We also love how much more room we have though this table is actually bigger than our other one.  The benches slide under the table for storage and unlike our chairs that had rounded back don't stick out.  
The bench fits under the table
These tables were handmade, fit in our minivan with the back seat out and were a great price and quality.  Here is their facebook page with more info about their products. All of which are adorable and affordable! They also have a website here.

Halloween 2015

This year we broke from our normal geekiness for Halloween and went with Power Rangers, not even the classic Power Rangers but Dino Charge.  So we all had the costumes Pete was the black ranger, Nora was the pink ranger, Phil the blue and I was the red ranger.  We didn't manage to take a family picture but the adult costumes were similar to the kids.

We had hat/hoods for each of us but neither kids managed to be wearing it at the time!

Pink ranger trying to open up some smarties...

Our pumpkins for the night.  We had our Teal pumpkin for food allergies noting that we had non-food goodies and a good old jack-o-lantern that was carved 10 minutes before trick or treating.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pamper Crusiers Review

Thanks to Influenster we were able to try out the new Pampers Cruisers with the three Extra Absorb Channels.  The first time I tried these on Nora was at nap time.  She woke up after a 90 minute nap and didn't have a saggy butt in her jeggings.  When I changed her you could see the lines from the three channels working to spread out the wetness throughout the whole diaper.  They've worked really well for us while trying them out.  Nobody and no-baby likes a saggy diaper, I think that she is more comfortable when the diaper stays where it is supposed to and not drooping. She has really sensitive skin and if the diaper is just right she ends up with a nasty rash.I also generally change her every 2 hours, other than bed and nap times.
#SagtoSwag for Nora
The diapers were free thanks to Pampers and Influenster, all opinions are my own and not those of either company. If you are interested in trying out products you can join influenster here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Raking Leaves and a Tula!

This amazing baby carrier came in yesterday!  I love it!

Love that little smile!

Jumping in the leaves

I had just dropped a whole bunch of leaves on him...

The kids were wearing matching shirts that say, "I love my Mom" sadly neither of them wanted to cooperate on taking a picture together in them.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fashion Farm: Pumpkin Fantasyland

My parents just got home from a big vacation down to Florida, so we took advantage of having them home and the beautiful fall colors happening right now to take a trip to Ligonier, Indiana to visit the Fashion Farm Pumpkin Fantasyland.  My mom remembered taking us to it and it being a bit on the silly side but us enjoying it.  The cost was great only $2 per person and the kid mazes being $1 and Nora was free since she is under 2 years old.  We didn't go on the hayride since it was a bit chilly and I wasn't sure how Nora would fare.  The theme for the pumpkins are kids books, though there are a couple that aren't from books but great all the same.  Pete enjoyed noticing some of his favorite characters as pumpkins.
Greeting us at the very start of the Fantasyland

The classic and probably my favorite all the US presidents! The hair and facial hair is hilarious on these and amazingly looks pretty dang close.

Little Critter

Otis the tractor

Almost 4 feet tall!

Another favorite Dolly Parton Pumpkin, oh and that's my mom....

These were just great and different.

Really it was a great time.  The majority of the activities were covered so when it started dumping rain we were able to stay dry and just spend some extra time looking.  So if you are looking for a pumpkin patch to check out we would highly suggest the Fashion Farm.  The pumpkins were also 29 cents a pound.  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding Review

I got the chance to try out this tasty morsels this month for free thanks to KozayShack and BzzAgent.  I used my two free 4 pack coupons to pick up Salted Caramel and Chocolate Truffle.  Of those two my favorite is Salted Caramel!  I know you didn't see that one coming now did you?!  Both are super thick, like greek yogurt compared to regular yogurt, and really isn't thicker and creamier always better?  Now the Salted Caramel i
s such a different novelty for me in the pudding and dessert realm that it is just a win. It has a great balance between the caramel flavor and the tang of salt.  The chocolate doesn't have that, mostly just a chocolate flavor straight through.  I hate to call it flat, because it is still good, but the salted caramel just seems more sophisticated.   Really a fun snack that I can enjoy while handing my kiddos a regular pudding cup and know I'm getting something more out of it than they know!

Kozy Shack Salted Caramel Indulgent Recipe
I did recieve the product for free for my review but my opinion is my own and was not that of either Kozy Shack or BzzAgent.

If you are interested in BzzAgent click here to sign up and get Bzzing away!