Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shaving Cream Fun

Sounds strange doesn't it? Well actually it is a little trick I picked up at Ball State during my educational play class. (yes it was a real class for credit and required for my specialty-early childhood education rocks!)  Anyway you squirt shaving cream on the desks for spelling words with older kiddies to add in another sense and add another mental hook to learn the words.  It also makes the room smell amazing and cleans the desks well.  Pete just likes to draw in it and have fun and these types of activities are great for toddlers as well. Pete really enjoyed it, I think Phil did too but he won't admit it as quickly at Pete!  I couldn't let that kind of fun go past without snapping some pictures!  While I'm writing this Phil is with Pete while he is taking a bath because he decided to do his hair with shaving cream as well, nothing a quick bath won't solve!

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