Saturday, January 30, 2016

Warm Weather in January

Today it did not feel like January in Northern Indiana.  According to our minivan it got up to 51 degrees, I'm not complaining about it too much, though I would actually like to get some snow this year. This morning Phil helped a family from church cut wood to heat their home and this afternoon he installed new lights on the front of the house and above the driveway.  We had some but they didn't go with the house very well and were dim.  We got some that were better suited for the house and got LED bulbs including flood lights.  It is amazing how much brighter it is! Phil has become quite the whiz with the electrical stuff in the house lately, his specialty being replacing light fixtures.  He switched out the kitchen and dining room fixtures that have been driving me nuts since we bought the house. As a result of all of his manual labor today, Phil has been snoozing with Nora in the recliner in her room since he was "putting" her to bed around 8pm.  I did try to get him up but I wasn't very successful in the attempt and let me sleep on.

The kids loved the warmer weather and took full advantage of it to play on the tricycles, playset, with shovels and balls.  Nora even got to really enjoy the playset for the first time today. That little punk even learned how to climb the ladder all on her own!
Getting ready for the first time down the slide!

Pete's turn!

Pete was dying to play baseball.  He kept asking me how to hold the bat correctly.  Sorry kid, baseball is not my sport about all I managed in gym class was a bunt

She made it to the top all on her own!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Box of Fun!

Pete loves playing with boxes.  Mostly he builds and cuts them, personally my hand ache thinking about cutting a thick cardboard box with nothing but safety scissors but he somehow does it, and rarely complains.  He currently has a race car (hot buttered lightning) a space ship and now his transformer suit.  
Nora also got involved in the fun and tried it out as well.  She wasn't so sure about it, but because Pete was having so much fun, she kept thinking she would enjoy it more.  I love that these two can have so much fun with the most basic of things!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pete's far

The main focus for Pete's preschool this year has been on the alphabet.  Pretty much every week they have a new letter they are working on, this week it is O.  Pete thinks it is great fun and most of the activities go along with the letter, even the snack.  We were in charge of snack for the letter N week, we brought Navels and Fig Newtons.  Pete has had a blast this year and loves his "new" teacher, she has been there for most of the year now.

C hasn't been located yet.  But I'm still digging through the box to see if I can find it. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review: Baby Bee Mod's Drool Pads

Remember the beautiful Tula I purchased last fall?  First thing Nora did when I had her in it was to starting chewing and sucking on the straps.  I'm not one that likes to wash my entire carrier, because it takes time; I hate laundry and it is more wear and tear on the carrier.  So I started looking for Drool Pads.  I puttered around Etsy and kept coming back to one shop that really stuck out to me; Baby Bee Mod.

Here is how the drool pads came to me once I opened the mailer.  A cute ziploc baggie with the logo.  I opted for the corner style with loops (to hold the plastic baby links for toys or pacifier holders) on the bottom.  It made the most sense to me and is what it seem most people choose.

Here are both sides of the reversible corner drool pads with the loops.  The one on the left matches the carrier perfectly and the other side is a fun coordinate print; I haven't decided which side I like better.    

The stitching is even and the snaps line up perfectly.  They are solid and despite a few months of use show no signs of wear. The loops are holding up as well, even through the playing of an almost-toddler.  The snaps are tight and I have no fear that they will tear through the fabric at any time during use.  They are nicely absorbent, but not too thick and bulky.  

These two pictures probably show the fitting of the drool pads the best of all I have taken, mostly because I'm not taking a selfie!  It covers up the straps that Nora can reach with that oh-so-full-of-drool teething mouth all the way down to the corner of the carrier.  By the way don't you love the Darth Vader Babywearing?!

Here is the perfect reason for these drool straps!  I'm not scared to let her drink or eat in the Tula due to getting it dirty.  It keeps her happier and lets me get even more done if she can eat a snack; plus I  just can throw the drool pads in the wash when that "leak-proof" sippy cup fails.  

Baby Bee Mod also carries other Tula and baby carrier accessories, even in matching and coordinating prints for Tula!  I'll be purchasing a hood and reach straps as soon as I can make a decision on fabric! Find Baby Bee Mod on facebook for shop announcements, specials and promo codes.

The product was given to me for free for reviewing purposes, but the views and opinions are my own, not that of the company, shop or owner. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Selfies and Sillies

My pretty selfie, showing off my awesome fake eyelashes I was trying out

Pete found my kindle and had some fun.....

about 30 pictures of silly selfies fun that is....
Then there is this gem from Phil's parents house at Christmas.  

Friday, January 8, 2016

Swim Lessons!

Pete started up his swim lessons again for the year.  He loves going and has been talking about it constantly!  I'm wondering if he is part fish.
Pete with his friend, Chase, from preschool that has lessons at the same time!

In the pool