Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eileen the Wonder Pig

This is our new pet, Eileen.  She is an adorable 5 month old guinea pig. We are having so much fun with her!  It is nice to have a critter around other than a fish.  We did have fish if you recall back awhile but they died due to Muncie's water.  Now that we have a career (not just a job) we decided that it was possible to have a pet to actually spend time with, not to mention, because I am a complete and total sucker for cute and furry and Pete really likes watching animals and petting nicely.  We decided on a Guinea Pig because we aren't allowed to have cats or dogs in our apartment and because they are a bit more friendly than other rodents plus if she does get away she is big enough to find and I don't have to worry about there being an infestation like I would with mice or rats. We also don't have to pay the extra rent the comes with owning a dog or cat at an apartment with her either!  We adopted Eileen from Heartland Small Animal Rescue she was not only cheaper than adopting from a pet shop but also we were helping her out too, and I must say she is much cuter than any at the local pet shops.  Pete loves her and can say her name (Eyeen) and if you ask her where she is while you are anywhere in the house he will quickly crawl to her cage and show her to you. She also doesn't seem to mind him too much either as long as someone is holding her and someone else is holding Pete.  Otherwise it can get a bit tricky.

She was not a big fan of the camera when I tried to take pictures but hopefully that will change with time and I can get some better ones!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleeping Pete

 I know I have a billion posts about this but sleeping babies are still about the cutest thing ever! Oh and it all started out with an angry sleeping baby, that looks adorable in his gdiapers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apartment Pictures- Master Bedroom

I finally took some pictures of our apartment.  I thought I would show off our awesome Ikea furniture that we picked up in our massive trip to Ikea this summer.  We had some furniture that we bought off of my old boss Marydella, it wasn't pretty but it only cost $50 for the entire bedroom set and we didn't have anything at the time, so it was great for us.  It was ugly, it was plastic that has a wood grain to it, and a bad 70's vibe.  This time we upgraded to particle board!  It was pretty much the cheapest stuff that Ikea has for a bedroom, but we loved it, we had a budget that could have handled the better quality stuff, but we really like the look of the Aneboda Collection.  We ended up getting two nightstands, one dresser and one wardrobe.  Phil likes to hang up all of his clothes while I hate hanging anything but skirts and dresses, so it really worked out well for us.  The best thing is that they can hold all of our stuff! I actually have an empty drawer in my nightstand!  Our last set we had to have the whole thing stuffed just to hold my stuff, the things were huge, but really didn't have any space on the inside.  The towels on the bed are because the is what I had just finished before taking pictures. I love the way that we "fold" them now, it was always a big argument as to how to fold the towels (dumb I know) Phil like it one way I preferred it another. This apartment doesn't have a linen closet (designed by a guy, most definitely) so towel storage was a bit of an issue, but we re-purposed a couple of things and ended up using Pete's plastic storage tub for it. Folding the towels it will hold about 2 per drawer, which isn't very useful, but rolling them and I can fit 4 towels in a drawer!  I won't lie it makes me feel fancy by having my towels rolled, like a hotel...if only I wasn't the one washing, drying and rolling them then it would be a bit more realistic.

A Day with the Calls

I love his oooh look!
Pete and Aunt Sarah
Labor day weekend we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with the Call Family.  We were in town for Miss Josey's blessing so we left the Horn's to see the Calls while we were a bit closer.  The Art Museum is free and they have a ton of grounds to see so it made it an ideal location to have a picnic and be together, but the weather didn't have the same thoughts and decided to be 102 that afternoon.  We spent some time looking at the European art area.  Pete wasn't sure if he like it or not, but he did love Aunt Sarah's camera!  I love his look on these pictures! For dinner we headed out to 5 Guys Burgers, it was so tasty and fun.  The we just got the little burgers and they were so big that Phil and I couldn't finish ours and the fries were really good too, you could actually tell that they were made out of potatoes not some other strange concoction of ingredients. Pete really wanted to get a bite out of one since he was using a knife and fork.  We then took a quick trip to Trader Joe's which is in the same area as 5 Guys Burgers.  I love just looking around that store and wish there was one up in our neck of the woods.  Pete decided that he needed to drive the minivan for Grandpa Call before we departed for the day.  Sorry for the late update, but at least it happened!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pukey Pete

 Pete has been super duper pukey lately (more than he was even as a newborn and spit-up).  I don't know if he is allergic to something or if it is a sinus/allergy issue with pollen, but it is nasty!  He has barfed at least once a day for the last 2 1/2 weeks, and it is grossing me out. I took him off milk the other day after noticing that he puked more after drinking it, though I drank milk while breastfeeding and he had the regular milk-based Similac and he was fine on regular whole milk for about a week.  I don't know what is going on but it is gross, he has a doctor's appointment for his well-baby checkup in about two weeks but I don't know if I should take him in or if the doctor is just going to say freaky over-reactive mother and say he is fine or the worst answer for anyone is it is an upper respiratory infection and needs to work its course.(can you tell I have been told this too many times?) It is also a new doctor since we moved and The Amazing Doctor Russ from Muncie moved on and is no longer at the same office.  Sadness...He has also been a picky eater lately and doesn't trust us about what he is eating.  He is fine with eating the same thing as us at the same time, but for snacks he has to be the one to get it out of the box and bowl and eat it because he thinks I am trying to sneak something extra healthy (that I wouldn't eat) into him.  But something healthy that he does like is tofu! I was really surprised when he ate a whole bowl of tofu stir-fry the other day and keeping down was even more impressive! I am trying to eat at least 1 tofu dish a week to get a cool pair of shorts and so far we are doing pretty good.

If anyone has any experience with what is going on with Pete that would be great!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Washing Machine vs. The Apartment

Apparently our washing machine has it out for our apartment.  It decided it needed to wash the whole thing and almost managed to do so the other day.  The only room that wasn't wet was our dining room, which is really my craft room and Phil's office so we are so blessed to not have the water there.  The lid was left up the other night on the washing machine so it filled up and should have just soaked everything, but instead and kept filling and filling and filling and didn't stop until 4 in the morning when Phil woke up for the day and stepped in soggy carpet!  It made it through our whole apartment, except the dining room and our pantry which is right across the hall (3/4 feet away).  Our bookcases in the living room soaked up a nice bit of water and we have 5 fans running along with the air conditioner and dehumidifier.  It is quite a loud place to be right now so we have been staying at my parent's house while it dries at our home.  It hasn't been much fun and has made it hard to try and get ready for farmer's market, but we succeeded today in selling!