Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A break from break

It is quite sad to be back in Muncie from a wonderful thing known as Spring Break.  We were down in Batesville (see post below) then traveled up to Warsaw for an extended weekend of fun.  We slept in (again) and played around town some.  I really am getting tired of this semester, I have decided that I am just not very good with the whole spring semester scene.  I think the problem is that there aren't as many breaks as in the fall semester.  Think about it Fall Semester:
  • Labor Day
  • Fall Break
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Recess aka Christmas Break
and then Spring Semester:
  • MLK Day
  • Spring Break
That is nothing why can't my school career be like the government and banks? (I wouldn't get anything done and it wouldn't be any good) Still I do like their schedules than mine.  School is fun though since I don't really have classes on campus.  Right now at the Virginia Ball Center we are in the middle/beginning of  building and priming everything, so I am covered in primer.  My arms are also breaking out like crazy right now so I have a slight feeling I am allergic to something, but I also randomly broke out in hives to something awhile ago.  Who knows, don't worry though I should still have some skin and arms left once I learn to stop scratching.  Oh funny story from out date night tonight.  We were at Cheeseburger in Paradise (Thanks to Matt and Tashina) eating some yummy Chocolate Nachos and from the table behind us it sounds like someone spilled a glass of water.  So we look over and a girl (college aged) jumps up from the table yelling to the people on the patio that the man she is suppossed to marry next week in a lier and cheater and has been the whole time.  The couple then stomps away she yells at him outside the car for awhile, then they get in the car and have a "discussion" and drive off. The poor guy sitting near the man soak with lemon water is also soaked, but laughing.  I am just glad that I have a nice wonderful husband who loves me!  Ahhhhh.... Life is Sweet!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite...

We had a fun weekend in Batesville this past weekend.  It was really nice to see everyone again.  We actually arrived only to find James and Sarah because no one else had made it back yet!  Well we had a great time just hanging out around Batesville. I got to sleep in tons over the weekend, I didn't wake up until at least 8.30 (even today, though Phil got up at 7.00) I don't even feel to bad about it, I mean really how often will I ever get to sleep in the much.  During college I have classes and work to get to, once I start a job most elementary schools start by 9.00 and I would have to be there early, and once we have a family good luck-I know my parents and Matt and Tashina where you are lucky to sleep in until what 6.00? So I splurged for a weekend, I needed it or else I wouldn't have slept that much right?-oh and the doesn't count the daily naps over that time either...  I know I am quite ridiculous but who isn't jealous, I know everyone wants to be able to sleep that much. Well the weather was wonderful and in the 60s/70s the whole time!  Saturday we actually took a nap on the trampoline, it was really nice, I didn't even hear Sarah and her friend, Morgan, finish up their canoe trek around the pond.  The entire time it was also very windy the whole time so I pulled my emergency preparedness kit of fun stuff from the car (okay the junk that I randomly keep in my car)  and pulled out an Elmo Kite!  Well I flew it for awhile with Phil and also shared with Sarah. We also went flying around the Batesville area.  Quite fun! Well I have pictures of all of these things but I left my memory card reader down in Batesville.  I just went to send some from my camera phone to put them on here and it had a thing that said Recent Calls and I thought Wow that is handy I didn't know I had put that address in here, then realized the last placed calls, duh.  I am becoming my mother!--no offense Mommy...