Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One of Phil's Favorite Shows...

Well not really but this show did have two of his favorite bands of all time on recently. Hope you enjoy them as much as he does. The first one is Weezer, I was actually watching the show with some kids that I baby sit and told him about it. The second one he sent to me, and so far hasn't explained how he found it. Did he find it by looking up Yo Gabba Gabba, or The Aquabats? I don't know but I found it funny that he sent me the link to watch.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update on Pistachio

This little nut is doing fine so far. We have an ultrasound coming up so hopefully we will find out whether we will have a Lilly or Peter. Personally I will be thrilled with either one as long as its healthy! I have a ton of appointments coming up for it, so that should be fun while balancing classes and work. We are super excited for not only the ultrasound but also to meet this booger in a few months. Well for the time being enjoy this picture of the baby's face, personally I think that it looks like Oscar from Sesame Street.

Spring Break

Spring break was a few weeks ago and we headed down to the Smokies with my parents. The main part the we normally go to was closed for construction (because they actually got some funding), so we went to a couple of other parts of the park that we don't normally go. It was supposed to rain the entire time that we were there, but it only rained one day. We hiked, drove and walked around the park a lot in the nice warm weather. I even wore sandals, without socks! The last day we went to Cincinnati to go to Jungle Jim's and Ikea. I have never been before and fell in love. We bought a plastic chair and an endtable along with a bunch of little stuff at Ikea. At Jungle Jim's, (a giant grocery store) we both got special treats for ourselves and a couple of birthday presents for the family. All in all it was a super fun trip and sadly it had to end and school had to start again. The good news is that we are more than half way done with the semester.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Wonder Plunger

This is the second half of the previous post. This happened right after the plumbers left (makes sense right?) the tub upstairs stopped draining, I was up to my ankles by the time I stepped out of the tub. I tried the plunger the pipe with a wash cloth in the overflow/ switch, it didn't work at all. I tried shoving a thing to grab hair out of the drains, didn't want to go around the bend or got stuck on the glob of gunk. We had to deal with it for a week, though I tried to work on it every night. Then we went to Target on Monday night after stopping to see the Shracks. We decided that we needed to buy our own plunger anyway why not get one tonight and see if it works any better than ours. Well they only carry one and we weren't going to complain. Though it did look ricdiculous with the crystal handle with a fancy design on it. Well this baby works! I had Phil hold the old plunger over the overflow and I worked the wonder plunger. It was too powerful at first and shot the water out the overflow if we didn't have it covered all the way! Once we sealed everything off it killed the gunk in the drain, it was the most exciting swirling I have ever seen! We have a video of the experience actually right after it, Phil hasn't switched the format yet, but I'll post it once I have it. Once you see it you'll notice that I fixed the tub with true style like on tv, with pearls on, now I can be like the home repair people on tv who where heels to peel wallpaper and everything else. Man, I'm amazing...

Plumbing Problems

This actually happened a couple weeks ago but I thought I should write about it in our saga of plumbing problems. I wrote about one in our last apartment with the tub and this one involves a tub again, just grosser. Phil had a ward conference in Noblesville so he left really early, I woke up to wave goodbye, then went back to bed until 9.30 (I love starting at 11). I got around and just before leaving I ran down in the basement to look for a different purse and stepped in water! I freaked ran to the basement bathroom and found it covered in water and some nasty stuff in the tub. I grabbed all of the bad/old towels we own and grabbed all of our white ones (we can bleach those ones) and sopped up the water. Then I tried calling Phil, who forgot to charge his phone the night before, and the ward where he was at, that never ever answered the phone. So then I was crying and desperate, I called dad. He said don't worry and don't run water. I went to church, I planned on telling everyone about the baby that Sunday but I was on the phone dealing with the plumbing so I didn't get to. We didn't get to take showers on Monday morning until after the roto-rooters came and fixed the problem. It was super gross because it was sewage bubbling up through the shower in the basement. Yuck! Then we got to clean it up, actually Phil got to because I'm not supposed to use the chemicals and I had him using straight bleach. I wasn't going to take any chances with it. It was gross and disturbing to say the least.