Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Biggest Hick of the Year Award

So wondering how Pete and I earned this highest honor?  Well after grocery shopping around town we finally made it to Martin's Supermarket to get some lunch with Grandma Horn and finish up our expedition around town before Pete's nap.  I'd checked his diaper before putting him in his car seat to head to our final stop he was dry and ready to go and they weren't across town from each other pretty close really for Indiana.  We made it through the produce and I picked out my sushi, grandma her sandwich and Pete his muffin (real healthy lunch their mom, but in my defense it was pumpkin).  We paid for our lunch and sat down to eat.  I'd finished my sushi up and check out what Pete was doing and noticed his seat was soaked (non vinyl seats in an eating establishment, great idea) as were his pants.  He'd peed all the way through his diaper, flannel lined pants and the seat cushion!  I ran him to the bathroom and changed his diaper, but didn't have any extra pants since it hasn't been an issue for the last year!  So we continued our shopping trip (this is December mind you, though 65 degrees that day) with Pete in a diaper, shoes and socks and the kicker-a John Deere tractor shirt.  Isn't it the cherry on top of the story thereby qualifying us for the award?!

 ...But it sadly gets even worse...

 Pete had a container of chocolate milk he was drinking with a straw.  Well he got to the bottom of the container and tipped it back to get some more forgetting about the straw.  There was more than he thought left in there and dumped it all down his shirt, diaper and the floor.  So now I have to clean him up with the remaining dry part of his shirt, the back.  So now picture toddler/preschooler in the grocery cart in a cloth diaper and nothing else, but in December.

 Really I'm surprised CPS hasn't showed up on my doorstep demanding answer about that trip.  I mean really! It was insane and what kind of mother has her kid in just a diaper in December.  The looks I got were absolutely awful so I kept trying to explain to the poor cashier that just kept looking at me like I was insane.

Oh the joys of motherhood.  Please tell me you bad mommy moment so I don't feel so bad.  Please?!

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