Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas with the Horn's

Monday we had Christmas with my parents and Matt and his family. The kids of course were ultra excited (okay the older ones that knew what was going on) Pete was almost the last one to get up, but he had stayed up late the night before at Great Grandma Horn's. Pete is about the slowest present opener of all time. He was the last one to finish! He is really good at appreciating each gift though, so that was nice. Each one got played with at least a bit before moving onto the next package to be opened. He got some Thomas the Train cars and a building and some new GeoTrax tracks and train car. He also got some clothes, every kid's worse nightmare. An unexpected coolness though (for him, I knew it was coming) was his tractor pillowcase. It matches his "mowie blanket" and his new tractor from Great Grandma Horn is on it! He was so excited when he realized what the chunk of fabric was, he even wanted to get in his crib for bed! Phil got some new sweaters, a little ladder (with a giftcard to buy a real ladder to get on our roof) and a new harmonica. The kids were mesmerized buy the little ladder that Dad had made and we had to take it away from them because they kept fighting over it, after they had all gotten cool stuff for presents! It was an interesting turn of events. I some pretty sweet stuff too. Mostly things for the kitchen but that is what I enjoy so it works out well, and Phil and Pete end up liking it too! I got a Yonanas machine (it makes ice cream out of frozen bananas), a tortilla press (I actually made pretty homemade tortillas for dinner tonight) and a tortilla bowl baking pan to make taco salads. I did get some non-kitchen stuff too, like my programmable thermostat, and some non-metallic jewelry.

Pete modeling his pillowcase and blanket tonight while sleeping
Phil also became officially sick in the morning as well. He started running a fever and it still has broken as of 9.30 on Tuesday night. So it kind of made it a bit sad but Pete and I had a fun time while Phil slept and tried fighting it in bed.

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Hey don't forget your pedometer!