Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas with the Calls

This year our Christmas plans with the Call's got changed a bit with snow, a trip to North Carolina, and Phil being sick.  Phil's mom, Sarah, and Thomas decided to go visit Robert and Heather down in North Carolina for a couple days while his dad was on a trip for work.  It worked out well because Phil was burning up due to the fever from the flu.  It lasted for forever!  His fever didn't break until Thursday afternoon after starting on Sunday night!  So far I have gotten lucky and haven't gotten it so I'm hoping that my luck sticks and I can keep away from it for the rest of the season.  Southern Indiana also got a bunch of snow when we were supposed to being leaving for Batesville, they actually got significantly more than we did, which definitely wasn't fair, but it did make for some good sledding in their hilly backyard later on in the week!  We did eventually make it down on Friday afternoon and immediately had Christmas with everyone.  Santa even brought Sarah and Phil's mom some things they had forgotten at our house!  Pete got a choo-choo and a dump truck for his legos and a cute shirt, plus a stick tractor book from his cousin Eliza, since I didn't let him open it at our house and made him wait. (mean mommy!) I got tons of play-dough, containers and a super cute yellow scarf.  Phil got a yellow shirt to match my scarf and some Mr. Potato Heads.  We also got some family presents of food storage goodies so that is always exciting. 

We have been playing a ton and Pete is soaking up all the time he can with Popo.  Poor Popo hasn't even gotten much time to go and work on his plane because Pete won't let him out of sight!  Every time he has had to leave the house for something Pete wanders around the house yelling, "Popo! Popo! Pete Popo..." until he finds something interesting for awhile and then he will resume the search until finally he hears him come through the door.  Pete really does like grammy and Sarah and Thomas too but Popo's always seem to be the great prizes in the family in his eyes.  Before Christmas I asked Pete what he wanted for Christmas, I was expecting a "Mowie"  or Choo-choo for an answer but no it was a thought out response, Popo.  I am so glad to have a son that wants a person more than a thing, it takes most people years and years and many losses to truly realize what they really want in this world, only to have it be too late in this lifetime to really happen.  But I'm also glad to have wonderful men in my life that can be such great Popos!  We are truly blessed to have great Dads that have become amazing grandpas and grandpas that are super Great Grandpas! So thanks grandpas! Thanks for the hour long tractor rides, and airplane play and snuggles with a crazy toddler because that is what he truly wanted for Christmas was time with his Popos and boy did he get it in spades!

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