Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hot Chocolate and Toast

 This is one of my favorite breakfasts of all time.  I've mentioned it to many people and just get blank stares until I explain its sheer deliciousness to them, which sometimes still give blank stares back, but oh well more for me!  The basics of it are hot cocoa (not instant, the good stuff made on the stove) and peanut butter toast.  You slather on the pb and then fold the toast in half then dip it in the hot cocoa.  It is a masterpiece of chocolate, peanut butter and bread.  A classic.  Today I made it for lunch because I felt bad feeding Pete his normal cheese fare, so I changed it up a bit.  Here is the evidence of the meal and pleasure that Pete got out of it.  Apparently he was a bit more interested in the hot chocolate than the toast today but I did give him a treat of marshmallow cream so it was to be expected.  I loved that he was licking the marshmallow cream instead of grabbing a spoon which he did eventually dig through the sliverware drawer to find.
Ummm...Can I help you?

Pete likes his pb toast open face style

Finally resorting to technology to eat the marshmallow cream

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