Monday, December 3, 2012

A Video Post

Here are some videos that we'd taken with the camera awhile ago and just now took off.  One is from our trip to Five Oaks Dairy.  They have a big tour you can go on, the whole thing takes a good 3ish hours and we could have spent even more time there if we didn't have more plans for the day. They have a cow painted bus you ride on through the cow barns and then get to watch the miking carousel, there is also a birthing barn and some videos and a "moo-seum" to go through.  In the summer they have a playset, train rides and some other outdoor games to play.  They did have a giant trampoline/bounce house thing.  It was a mix of the and was so stinking awesome.  The adults kept playing after the kids got tired of it!  Pete had a blast as did Matt and Tashina's kiddos.  Pete really liked the idea of a cow bus, two favorite things in one.  Phil wasn't able to come with us because he was at a conference in Indy for Student Council.

The next video is of Pete working Great Grand Popo's puzzle.  He swiped his glasses and was wandering around their house with them on.  What a silly boy!

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