Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with the Horn Grandparents

Today we had our first Christmas of the season. It was with my grandparents and family. We had it over at there house which was packed full with the 5 little kids and all the adults. We had a delicious dinner and dessert plus lots of wonderful presents! The last couple years grandma has wanted help getting the presents so enlists the parents to get the kids gifts so we get the money to buy what they need/want. We knew early on what Pete wanted-a "big" red tractor preferably one with some kind of implement or trailer to go along with it considering his obsession with hitching things together. Well I found the perfect one the other day at TSC and picked it up for him. It was a metal Farmall H, which personally doesn't mean anything to me all I know is that it was in our price range, metal (meaning harder for Pete to destroy), red, looks old, and it came with a wagon to hitch up! He also got some new shoes for the summer, pj's and some monster trucks. I'd even found some ridiculous tractor wrapping paper for it on super clearance. Phil got a case for his electronics and some shoes. I got a new pair of boots, yoga pants and a shirt and the big one was a new printer. The one we've been using is one I got for college so it is ready to be replaced and I'm super excited to have wireless and mobile printing!

First notices the present (see the paper?)
Most of paper removed

Sees what is in the big box, smile starts to appear

Sheer joy as he truly sees what is in the box
I stopped adding pictures here because I figured you'd see lots of pictures of Pete playing with it in the future!

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