Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Christmas in Our House

This year I did something a bit different and had all of the presents for Pete bought way early, as in last year after the day after Christmas for the most part. It worked out well because I got everything for cheap and had it bought already, so when our car decided to die in the parking lot at 10.30 the other night, while it was snowing. I didn't have to worry when I had it towed to the shop and got the $256 bill. It still stunk but I was worrying about where the money would come from that close to Christmas. Disaster averted. Normally we don't do much for each other but get Pete a bit more though all he gets really are clothes for the summer time (that I bought on the clearance rack earlier in the year) and books plus some stuff that he generally needs. We were planning on doing homemade only gifts for the two of us, but Phil ran out of time so I picked myself up a new purse while at the outlet malls a couple weeks ago. I made Phil a super cool mug at Pottery Bayou. We are huge Star Wars geeks and I had to make this mug for Phil when I saw it on Pinterest. On the back it says, "You're the Obi Wan for Me!"  I then also found a coat to replace his 10 year old goodwill coat for him as well and he had time to work on my homemade presents as well so we ended up getting some other presents too! We still didn't even go over 40 bucks for total for our couple gifts! Pete had one special gift to open that didn't make it over to Great Grandma Horn's Christmas the other day because it had lots of little pieces we didn't want to get lost in the mayhem. He got a crop duster playset! It has a crop duster and playmat and truck with a trailer and barrels and a tractor and fake corn rows. He was so excited with it. I think he was thrilled with all of his presents this year. He didn't get a ton of toys but he did get what he enjoys farm stuff and trains!

Mom and Dad came over for fresh cinnamon rolls and to watch us open presents.  In the past we had done it on our own and it was kind of boring after having so many people around earlier on in the season to be just the three of us.  Maybe once Pete gets older and is really getting into it, we will like the just us time but for now it was so much more fun, plus I didn't have a ton of cinnamon rolls sitting around the house whispering my name to come and eat them...instead I dropped off the leftovers at a friends house so they could have a special treat!  

That is 3 of our Christmas' down and 2 more to go!  The joys of having lots of family and having them nearby!

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