Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Crafting-Stockings

Another update for us is our stockings this year.  Normally I just use the 98 cent ones I picked up from Target when we got married but again new house I should probably stop making it look like a cheap apartment.  I couldn't decide what I really wanted so I went with some cute blue jean stockings for Pete and I and made Phil one from a sweater.  I wasn't a huge fan of the sweater stocking, but it was incredibly easy to make, which was also the point of making it.  Personally there is no point in putting tons of time and money into something to hang up for maybe a month of the year!

Blue Jean stockings
I made two stockings from one pair of my pants and no I'm not telling you the size.  I used the butt portion so I could get the pockets and use the to of the pants for the stocking and save myself a hem along the way.  I used our old stockings as a guide for the shape and just made them a bit bigger to allow for some seam allowance.  I just use the side of the foot for a guide since it won't be doing much "work" and I could save myself some space inside.  The back of the stocking I used the bottom leg portion again to save myself some hemming on denim. You should really use some WonderUnder on the toe and heel decorations but I didn't and think they turned out fine without it.

Sweater Stocking
I cut this one out a lot bigger than my previous ones because I was going to do French seams on it.  A French seam makes it so the ravelins stay inside of a pocket that you are making by sewing it twice.  It saves me from lining a ton of things that normally I would feel compelled to finish up more with linings. You sew it wrong sides together first. Then sew it again with right sides together keeping your first seams raw edges between the first and second sewn seams.  (To the right of your second seam.)  Or if you want a better explanation check out this tutorial.

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