Sunday, August 11, 2013


Dex loves to play fetch.  I mean really really loves to play.  He will come up to me just going crazy, I take him outside and he goes bonkers after that ball!  I just picked up a Kong Squeakair from Petsmart (with a coupon a whole 49 cents!) and tried it out.  The shelter had no idea what he liked or didn't like but I figured I couldn't go wrong with a squeak toy and a ball for a dog.  He absolutely loves playing in the yard with me.  He is great too with Pete.  Pete will try to play with him too and Dex will go and retrieve the ball for him or if Pete completely takes the ball just lays down until Pete finally drops or throws the ball.

We are still so amazed at Dex and how good of a dog he really is, it really does blow my mind that we ended up with the perfect dog for our family!

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