Sunday, August 11, 2013

Naptime Project: TARDIS Door

 In our wonderful basement there lives a closet.  It wasn't much of a closet before the last few weeks, though it did house the watersupply for the house, so still very important.  It has been the object of my creative/craft side these last few weeks though.  It has now been transformed into the TARDIS door!  It started out as just a basic unfinished door and came out much much cooler.  The hardest and most time consuming part of the door was the taping and prep work for the highlighting and shading.  It took for ever for us to do this!  Phil helped out a lot with this, he measured and I taped, great teamwork! It was definitly worth the extra effort to do the shading/highlighting because it did make a huge difference in the look and made it look much more put together.

Oh and for those of you that are completely lost on the topic of this post concerning Doctor Who and the TARDIS.  Go educate yourself.

Here is a picture tutorial for you.  If you have any questions comment and I'll let you know!

Door primed with Zinser mold/mildew resistant roll on primer.  The spray on kind didn't have the mold and mildew stopper that is need for in the basement.

Phil modeling the now blue spray painted door.  I used Rustoleum Deep Blue in a gloss finish.  It took 2 1/2 cans to do both sides of the coat with a nice coat.  My final coat didn't turn out glossy though so a bit annoying.  Only time I've not been happy with a spray paint finish.
All taped and covered in vinyl and ready for the final spray painting.  The vinyl worked really well, just try to get all of the air bubble out.  Th vinyl isn't as sticky as the contact paper and was just the right size for the inside of the squares (9x12inches)
The top and right sides in done in spray paint I used Rustoleum in Navy Blue for the dark shading portions.
Wondering how I got those amazingly straight lines? I used a leftover piece of foam core as a straight edge.  I also had another one at the top to keep the other blocks from the overspray, but I couldn't take a picture and hold both.  Not enough hands I suppose.
The top of the door has the vinyl removed and the rest still covered.  Be prepared for the awesomeness to ensue!

Here it is with all the tape and newspaper removed!  I swear it is just a flat paneled door!
The finished and installed TARDIS door!  I forgot to photograph the finishing touches so I'll go over what they all are quickly, while you drool over the door.  The Police Box sign is a scrap of wood that was painted black and hand lettered (that high school calligraphy class is paying off!)  and then adhered with Gorilla Glue.  The windows I taped over the shadowing to get a sharp edge and painted with acrylic white paint. I added a dab of black to one box and used to make a couple of gray "panes" and then outlined the panes in black acrylic paint, though a permanent marker would have worked as well.  The Public Call and Ambulance signs are from a Bing search and both came from various Deviant Art users and were free to download and print. I then laminated them and stuck them on with double sticky back tape.

 I still need to get some trim work and frame it in with more blue.  But really a great addition to our geekiness in the basement.

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