Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Case of the Blue Toothbrush

Last Night at Bedtime:

I walk into bathroom while Phil is brushing his teeth.

"What color is that toothbrush?"
Phil, "...Blue..."(said with a mouthful of toothpaste bubbles)
Me, "What color of blue though, (knowing her toothbrush is light blue and his is dark blue)?
Phil, "Light blue, Why?" (while he is rinsing off the tooth brush)
Me, "My toothbrush is light blue your is the dark blue one! Nasty..."
Phil, "Oh I'll wash it off for you, I guess I didn't think about it."
Me, "Um...wash it off?...Do you think I am going to use it now that you have used it?"
Phil, "Yeah, Why not? We kiss, what's different about me using your toothbrush?"
Me, "It's Gross, I'll just get a new one out, we have a ton of them... Now mine is PINK, and yours is BLUE either of the BLUE ones you can use."
Phil, "nice now I have two toothbrushes..."

Uggh. So gross. I couldn't believe it we have had these toothbrushes for 2 months now and he just now realized that the light one was mine! Yuck! How many times has he used my toothbrush?

I have a big thing about teeth if my teeth aren't perfectly clean I will freak out and if they aren't white there is a major problem that once I realize will be corrected once I get back up to Warsaw and my Crest Whitening Strips. I was never really that bad about it until after I got my braces off, that is when I became obsessed with my teeth.

Maybe the toothbrush thing runs in the family? My mom has nightmares about green toothbrushes, literally, so no one ever get green toothbrushes, especially her. When we were in the old house with one bathroom we would brush our teeth (with our toothbrush), dry ours off all the way until you couldn't tell and then get hers wet. She would get so freaked out. Always a good time...I love you Mommy...

I do have a new toothbrush, so I'm happy.


The Horn Family said...

Ewww! I think I would have puked.

Kristie said...

Funny - I'll be blogging about a similar toothbrush episode soon:-)

lilly said...
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